How To Fix Onn TV Remote Not Working— Comprehensive Guide

Onn TV Remote Not Working
Onn TV Remote Not Working

Onn TVs are a good choice of televisions because they are affordable. When you purchase an Onn TV, it comes alongside the Onn TV remote. And, like any other remote, you are bound to encounter issues with your Onn TV remote from time to time.

Such issues can include remote buttons that aren’t working properly, remote failure to operate other features on your TV, and your remote generally failing to execute the intended commands.

Even though you can do without a remote, because you can turn on Onn TV without remote and operate it successfully, you’ll still need to fix your Onn TV remote not working. Just for convenience.

If you are undergoing the above issues, or any other issues, with your remote, this article will help you resolve both specific and general issues to do with your Onn TV remote.

How Do I Get My Onn Remote To Work?

How To Fix Onn TV Remote Not Working

A non-working remote can drive you up the wall. Luckily, different troubleshooting measures for different issues with your Onn TV remote exist. Down below are statements of your likely issue and corresponding troubleshooting measures.

Onn Remote buttons are not working

Buttons not working on remote controls is a common problem. Solve malfunctioning buttons on your Onn TV remote using the following measures

  • Counter-check that your remote is not in shift mode. Do this by pressing the Shift/Setup button once, and check if your remote is now working properly. If not, press the SHIFT/SETUP button again to exit shift mode.
  • Ensure that you have selected the right device you wish to control using your remote, TV, DVD, or VCR.
  • The remote may be incompatible with your TV, or that it cannot execute a command that is supported by your TV. Check for this and replace your remote with a compatible one.
  • Check for any obstructions that may be blocking signals from reaching your TV and remove them.
  • If the above measures don’t work, try programming the remote with an alternative code; the Onn Remote Manual has a section on Direct Code Entry. Also, keep an eye on the Remote Codes page for the most up-to-date codes.
  • Try using the Auto Code Search method to program the remote. Refer to the Onn Remote Manual’s Auto Code Search section.

Onn Remote Does Not Operate Some Features

Onn Remote Does Not Operate Some Features

If your onn TV remote does not support some features on your TV, characterized by onn tv remote not working, you’ll need to do the following:

  • If you are using a replacement remote, some buttons may not function because the names of the buttons are different from that of the original remote. In such a scenario, you’ll need to get a new remote that operates all or most of the features on your onn TV.
  • In some instances, a particular code on your onn TV remote might operate a few features on your TV, but not all. You can try programming your remote with a different code from the code list. Check for this in the Direct Code Entry section in your onn TV remote manual.

Unavailable Remote Code For Combo Devices

If you own a combo device, e.g., TV/VCR, DVD/VCR, or TV/DVD, you’ll need to set up two separate mode buttons to control both parts of the combo devices. For instance, if you are using a TV /VCR combo, you’ll need to set up one code under the TV button to control the TV part and a different code under any mode button to control the VCR part.

Why Is My Onn Roku TV Remote Not Working?

Your remote will misbehave and stop working for a number of reasons. However, common reasons for a not working Onn TV remote include physical damage, dead batteries, issues with your TV’s or remote’s infrared sensor, and pairing issues.

To resolve issues with your onn Roku TV remote not working, follow the steps below to see if you can get it working again.

  • Check for blocked infrared light: Onn Roku TV remotes use IR infrared light to send signals to your TV. And, IR remote controls demand a clear, unobstructed transmission. Your onn Roku TV remote will not work if objects, walls, or other barriers block your onn Roku TV and the Roku remote. If you can’t get around the blockage, raise the remote higher to receive a clear signal and point directly to your TV.
  • Check your batteries: It is a no-brainer that dead or weak batteries will cause you to have a lot of issues with your remote. If your remote is unresponsive and you haven’t changed the batteries in a long while, you’ll need to change the batteries. If it is still unresponsive, you may need to get a new remote, call a technician to fix it, or use the Roku application app to control your TV.

Check your batteries

  • Restart Your Remote: To restart your remote, remove batteries from your remote, remove the power cable from your onn Roku device, and leave it for about five seconds. After that, connect your TV to the power source and when it displays its logo, return the batteries to the remote and wait for about thirty seconds before checking if it’s now working. You can also take a step further and restart Roku TV.
  • Check Your Network Connection: Depending on whether you use your onn Roku TV with a Roku Player or a Roku streaming stick, you may need an internet connection. If one or both devices aren’t receiving a stable internet connection, you are bound to experience issues with your own Roku TV remote. Therefore, always ensure that you are connected to a stable and speedy internet while using your remote with the above devices or any other complementary device that you can use with your onn Roku TV.
  • Download the Roku application: If you have tried all the above troubleshooting measures on your onn Roku TV remote not working, you can download and use the Roku application. This application is downloadable for iOS and Android devices from Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.  Once you download the application, you can control your TV with the remote on the application. You can even perform onn Roku TV setup, among other things, using this remote.
  • Get a Roku replacement remote: For your own convenience, you can’t keep maneuvering your way out with your TV or using the Roku application each time you want to operate your TV. You’ll need to get a replacement remote for your onn Roku TV sooner or later. Replacement remotes for onn Roku TVs are available across different traditional and online stores. Just make sure you buy it from a licensed store.


Remotes come in handy when you are trying to control your TV conveniently. However, you are bound to run into issues with it from time to time. And, in such instances, you’ll need troubleshooting measures you can use on your remote to get back on your experience with it. Use the guidelines above to fix an onn TV remote not working.