How to Perform Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting: All You Need To Know

Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting
Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting

The quality of the sound produced by the onn soundbar when watching TV is a worthy and entertaining experience. And, dysfunctional soundbar systems can create boredom if you are not used to your TVs sound.

When your Onn soundbar system fails, it does not mean that it is not functioning. However, such issues with your soundbar call for diagnostic procedures to discover where the issues are stemming from, so that you can fix them accordingly.

Finding the cause of issues with your soundbar is not as easy as it sounds. Onn TV soundbars do not have displays or multiple controls that you can use to identify an issue.

Luckily, this article will describe every possible or common issue you’ll experience with your Onn soundbar and Onn soundbar troubleshooting measures.

How Do I Fix Onn Soundbar Not Working?

How Do I Fix Onn Soundbar Not Working

Soundbar issues can range from lack of sound, soundbar going to sleep, unnatural soundbar sounds, and static noise, among many other issues. We will tackle each possible issue and give corresponding troubleshooting measures.

Onn Soundbar Won’t Turn On

This error occurs when your onn TV’s soundbars do not receive enough power supply to turn them on. It can also be linked to loose cable connections that can cause onn Roku TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi issues.

Usually, this error occurs when the soundbar system does not turn on even after turning it on using its power button. Failure to see the indicator light also implies issues with the soundbar failing to turn on.

You can correct the error by counter checking that all your TVs and soundbar cable connections are secure and not damaged or worn out. If you tried to power on your soundbars using the remote and it failed, the issue may be with the remote. Use the soundbar’s power button rather than the remote in a situation where you think your remote is problematic.

No Sound On Onn Soundbar

This error may arise because you’ve adjusted the volume of your television or soundbar to its lowest. It will happen when you turn on your TV only to realise you’re experiencing onn TV sound issues.

The first solution towards fixing this issue is by adjusting the volume levels on both your TV and the soundbar system. If this doesn’t work, ascertain that your cable connections are secure, then try again.

Moreover, multiple optical inputs on the soundbar can also result in the absence of sound. For instance, your laptop may be connected to your onn soundbar at the same time as your TV. In such a scenario, you’ll need to establish a single input connection to your soundbar. If you want to watch TV, select TV input to create clarity from the laptop.

Incompatibility of the soundbar system and the settings of the input devices can also cause a lack of sound production. For example, digital devices such as HDMI and optical devices might not process some audio sounds like the blu-ray player that produces audio in DTS, which onn TV soundbars can’t detect.

Onn Soundbar Not Working With TV

Your onn soundbar will fail to connect to your TV if another input device is already connected to it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can rectify the malfunction by disconnecting all the devices connected to your soundbar and connecting it to your TV alone. Disconnecting other devices will give you an exceptional experience with your onn soundbar since you’ll have eliminated distractions.

Onn Soundbar Sounds Unnatural

Audio enhancement modes are settings on the soundbar system of which, when turned on, interfere with an original sound of the soundbar system. The setting is found on some soundbar systems and not all onn soundbars.

The enhancement modes involve the dialogue enhancement mode that controls the system’s pitch. You can balance the smooth sound your soundbar produces by balancing the soundbar setting on your TV. Ensure a balance between your TV’s and onn soundbar system sound frequency. Doing this is crucial because it helps reduce the sound lost from the TV to the soundbar system.

Static Noise Or Hum From Onn Soundbar System

Static noise is an irritating sound that causes buzzing in the soundbar system. It is an inconvenience caused by a 3.5mm aux cable. You can prevent onn soundbar static noises by ensuring that both ends of the cable are well inserted both in the television and the sound system.

An alternative solution to this problem is to increase the volume of your TV so that you can adjust the volume of the onn soundbar directly. This onn soundbar troubleshooting measure may remedy the problem because static noise arises when the volume of the source is lower than that of the input.

Onn Soundbar Keeps Turning Off Or Going To Sleep

Your onn soundbar system goes into sleep mode when it does not detect an active audio signal around it at a particular time. This error setting can help conserve the system’s power consumption when not in use but can be very frustrating.

You can prevent the issue of your soundbar going to sleep unexpectedly by ensuring that your onn TV is delivering a powerful signal to the system, and by increasing the volume of your TV using the remote. If you find Onn TV remote not working, fix it by replacing batteries or getting a replacement remote. Moreover, increasing the soundbar volume by using the remote can also effectively increase the sleep time of the bar system.

Connecting a sound system to a set-top box is another excellent onn soundbar troubleshooting measure that will eliminate the need for your soundbar to go into sleep mode.

Additionally, unexpected turning off of the soundbar system can result from damaged wires. If the wires in the sound system are faulty, then it’s advisable to replace them.

Onn Soundbar Sounds No Better Than TV

An indirect connection between your set-top box and Onn soundbar system will result in no difference between the sound produced by your TV and soundbar. You can fix this issue by connecting the RCA cable directly to the soundbar and the HDMI cable to the TV; the essence of HDMI cable, in this case, is to provide images.

It is also vital that you change the audio settings of your set-top box so that the rooted sound is in the soundbar instead of your TV.

Pictures And Sound Are Not In Sync

It is not an uncommon occurrence for the sound from the soundbar to get ahead of the images that your TV is displaying. A power cycle may just be what your entire sound and TV system need to eliminate the issue of sound and images being out of sync. To power cycle your entire system, unplug your TV and soundbar from the power system, as well as input connections. Leave them unplugged for up to a minute and then create a connection and check if the issue has resolved.


In a nutshell, the functioning of the soundbar system requires technical knowledge of how to operate it for you to enjoy the experience it offers. It’s, therefore, a wake call to every onn soundbar user to be conversant with Onn soundbar troubleshooting measures. Otherwise, they may end up spending dearly on the repair to fix the various problems that they can easily fix at the comfort of their homes.

If the issues with your Onn soundbar system persist, even after trying the measures above, you’ll need to perform a factory reset. Factory resetting your soundbar will erase every setting on your soundbar. Thus, leaving the system with no hick-ups brought by different settings you’ve applied in the cause of its operation.