‘Resident Evil 5’ and its viral campaign prove that Chris Redfield can’t go on a date


Resident Evil 5

Put yourself in the place of poor Chris Redfield, the star of ‘Resident Evil 5’. The uncle has fought against zombies, infected giant monsters, mutated plants, has lost relatives, friends and seen how humanity fell apart. Now that the poor man tries to put his life back together and gets a date with a lovely girl who wants to eat him, but in the good sense of the word, he goes and spoils it.

I never thought that a viral campaign about a video game in the ‘Resident Evil’ saga could show us its protagonist trying to keep his composure on a date. But wow, a sign that times have changed and, above all, closely related to the central slogan, “fears that you cannot forget.”

The fact is that the events that ‘Resident Evil 5’ will present to us, already past in the timeline of the announcements (or so it implies), will be so brutal that they will affect Redfield himself, making him see visions and keeping him in a constant state of panic.

The thing is not bad, and of course, the desire to get a copy is increasing. Even though it is no longer a ‘Resident Evil’ to use and has become a shooter, perhaps a logical evolution that we will have to know how to cope with dignity, at least, and thinking positive, this time, we will not have to end an entire colony of South Americans turned into zombies and living in the depths of Spain. Well thought out… for once, they dub us a ‘Resident Evil’ into Spanish, and once we complained, that’s good for us.