What is meant by VZWRLSS*APOCC vise in Verizon?

What is meant by VZWRLSS*APOCC vise in Verizon?
VZWRLSS*APOCC vise in Verizon?

The fanbase of Verizon is increasing with every new day. But there are obvious reasons behind it. Verizon has become one of the hot platforms that offer an array of essential services like calls, messages, the internet, etc. And all these features altogether mark the success of Verizon.

The best thing about Verizon is that it often comes up with several new features. But things don’t always remain perfect, and several issues do arise. Recently, Verizon users are frequently asking about VZWRLSS*APOCC vise. So, here in this article, we will give you deep insights into the issue posed by the VZWRLSS*APOCC vise.

What is VZWRLSS*APOCC vise?

Every person out there needs a model to keep the communication intact. At present, everyone needs to stay connected to the world’s happenings. However, often it becomes difficult to handle such communication modules because of the increasing number of scams in the world.

However, it is difficult to ensure whether it is something legitimate or a fraud. One such thing that deserves your attention is the VZWRLSS*APOCC vise.

It might become hard to answer what it is and why this leads to the deduction of an amount from your debit card or credit card. There might be two possibilities- it is a scam or something very legitimate. Whatever it is, several people are very concerned about it.

A lot of Verizon users have labeled it a scam. On the other hand, several people say it is a way of paying bills. If you think that Verizon voicemail calls you frequently and then charges you with a hiked bill all of a sudden, you need to take the matter seriously.

If we try to talk specifically about the VZWRLSS*APOCC vise, it is a bill from Verizon. The VZ is Verizon, WRLSS stands for Wireless, and APOCC stands for “Our Apoplexy.”

You will encounter this bill if, by any chance, you have switched your payment system from manual to automatic recently. The payment will neither decrease nor increase by changing the method. Therefore, after successfully paying your bill, you must feel relaxed. But the question is that if the bill is genuinely from Verizon itself, then why are people calling it a scam?

Are you getting abnormally charged by Verizon VZWRLSS*APOCC vise?

Several suspicious thoughts are there about the VZWRLSS*APOCC vise of Verizon because there are moments when things get worse, and it begins to deduct an abnormal amount right from your credit card. Several instances are there where Verizon users have reported this problem to Verizon. Keeping all these things in mind, people have been told it is nothing but a scam. Is it so?

In 2013, a few scams with similar names were initiated with a Southeast Asian server, which continues to happen today. If any of such events are happening to you or you believe so, you need to contact the Verizon customer care center as soon as possible. The customer support will ask you for your Verizon account detail.

The Verizon customer support will tell you whether the VZWRLSS*APOCC vise was from Verizon itself or if it was from any other suspicious source. And if they confirm that the charge was not from Verizon, you must close your online payment method without wasting any more time. It will never guarantee you any refund.

However, you will avoid any future losses by closing the payment methods. Therefore, if you detect any trace associated with fraud or any other suspicious activity, opt for help from Verizon. Also, stay careful while SIM swapping, as it is another modern way of scamming people.

Any wrong step can lead to a great problem. So, whatever you do, do it carefully and with your full knowledge. If you find something fishy, do not hesitate to investigate it and find the right cause.

How to cancel Verizon wireless subscription?

If you want to cancel a Verizon Wireless subscription service, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Call Verizon.

Step 2: Provide them with your details and contract number wherever needed.

Step 3: Give a proper reason to Verizon for canceling your Verizon wireless subscription.

Step 4: Confirm the cancellation.


If you think you are in a trap, you need to take things carefully. Withdraw your payment methods instantly. Do not click on any unknown links. Moreover, the Verizon community and Verizon support are always there to assist you. Whatever you do, never share your login credentials with anyone because you may end up getting in trouble, leading to a substantial financial loss.