What to do if Verizon voicemail keeps calling me?

What to do if Verizon voicemail keeps calling me
Verizon voicemail keeps calling me

Verizon users are rising with each passing day, and it has become one of the most popular carriers currently. It facilitates top-notch services that include voice, internet, phone, and even text messages. And these comprehensive facilities are the primary reasons behind its popularity among the people.

But, apart from this, they provide an impeccable signal strength even in the most remote places. But recently, people are often experiencing the issue of “Verizon voicemail keeps calling me.” So, let’s see what you should do if you are one of those users.

What happens when you receive Verizon voicemails?

If you are one of the Verizon users trying to know the answer to the question “Why is my voicemail calling me Verizon,” let us make you understand what exactly happens.

At some point, you may have got a few voicemail calls. In other words, these calls display “Voicemail” on display in the caller ID section. It often happens with several people. And there are plenty of reason behind it that you must know, especially if you receive such calls while operating Verizon.

However, there is nothing to worry about if you receive such calls. If you think that the account you are using is perfectly operating, things are alright. Also, you can give a call back to them for reconfirmation.

What are the reasons behind such calls?

Two significant possibilities are there to the statement “my voicemail keeps calling me.” They are discussed below:

Verizon calls you only due to urgencies

You can be called by Verizon sometimes from the number that says “Voicemail.” The best method to know that the call is from Verizon itself is that they usually call during working hours. Verizon avoids calling people during any odd hour or time.

If they cannot get connected to you, they will send you a voicemail in case of urgency. And you can read the voicemail later at your suitable time. Verizon never calls you now and then or frequently.

However, you may get one or two calls from Verizon only during emergencies and if they cannot be delayed. Most importantly, Verizon does not ask for financial or sensitive information on calls. Therefore, if you get a genuine call from Verizon, go after its instruction in the voicemail.

Otherwise, you can also get in touch with them for confirmation. Verizon’s customer team will correctly direct you.

You have unfortunately become a victim

When it comes to customer services and policies, Verizon acts firmly, and there is zero chance for them to keep calling you constantly. So, if you are getting several calls on your device displaying “Voicemail” every day, scammers most likely want to get connected with you.

The majority of such voicemails are recorded calls that initially play a recording so that you do not doubt the call in any way. And if any individual falls for this trap, the call will be transferred to the imposter who will be asking for the individual’s personal information.

Also, because they have little information about you, it becomes easier to convince you that the call is being made from Verizon. Thus, if you think that you are a victim of such fake voicemails or in case you are getting calls from voicemail several times every day, you must crosscheck to make sure whether the call is genuinely from Verizon or not.

verizon voicemail keeps calling me

How to stay away from scammers that disguise themselves through Verizon Voicemails?

After you make sure that the call is not from Verizon, you need to avoid the scammers. There are specific prevention steps that you can take, as discussed below:

Do not take the calls

If you are getting Voicemail calls too many times a day, get in touch with Verizon support and check with them if they are the ones calling you in case of some problems associated with your account or anything else.

And when you are sure that everything is working out fine, those calls need to be instantly repeated by you. Also, there are chances that those scammers have access to the Verizon account you are currently using and have distorted any settings for making you believe that something is genuinely wrong with your current account.

So, to be on the safer side, you should reset the settings of your Verizon account and change the access credentials. Also, you need to identify and know whose unknown phone number it is. It will keep you away from scammers and safeguard your Verizon account. Also, reporting to Verizon directly will help you because they can reset the Verizon account from unauthorized access.

With this procedure, you will be able to get your account back to its correct shape, and it will also fix if there is anything wrong with the Verizon account.

Do not disclose financial or personal information

If you by any chance receive the call from such scammers, most probably you will not be aware of the situation, so you need to pick your words carefully.

These callers may ask you for some financial or personal information that may include your credit card number for reactivating your Verizon account. An uncountable number of excuses are there.

They may also ask you for your card number to update their records or get any discount.

But the fact is that Verizon does not call you to retrieve any sensitive information. And also, such sensitive information must not be shared over a call. And such calls must be reported to Verizon as fast as possible.

The scammers or fraudsters may make use of your information to steal money from your account or in any other illegal problems that can end up landing you in any trouble.

Stay safe

Indeed, these calls can be avoided, but it is also necessary to take preventive measures instantly when you know that you are receiving scam calls. It also means that the hacker has access to your personal information up to a certain extent.

You must change your account’s login credentials. Also, check your bank’s statement and balance to make sure that it is safe.

Also, you can block unwanted calls on Android or iOS beforehand to be on the safer side. Besides, reporting to Verizon will also be of great help as they will be able to block fraud callers, and they will investigate your problem in-depth and offer you a correct solution.


Verizon calls you very little. And only in the case of emergencies they will call you but not more than two times. And if you receive more Voicemail calls, you need to take it seriously and report the matter to Verizon. Also, “prevention is better than cure.”

So, take action before things get worse, or it becomes too late. Investigate it in detail, and try to avoid such calls. Keep your personal information to yourself. And do not disclose it to Verizon if the person calling you claims to be from Verizon because Verizon never asks you for personal information over a call.