Riot Games takes down a League of Legends fan project and its creators claim to be “incredibly disappointed”

Riot Games takes down a League of Legends

If something is clear about Riot Games, it is that no one can violate its internal policies. This has been made known to Chronoshift, a fan project that intends to use a server created by the community to access a ten-year-old version of League of Legends.

As reported from PCGamer, Chronoshift was announced for the first time in March 2020 and has ceased its activity last weekend. This is due to a letter issued by the company to its developers, demanding the immediate halt of any work related to the project and the server.

“Riot cannot allow the use or exploitation of unauthorized emulated services in any way, by anyone, regardless of intention or purpose,” the text states. “In addition, we require that you provide Riot with all software materials associated with Chronoshift, including any source code they have developed in connection with the project.”

Riot affirmed a standard demand issued to all those who use their intellectual properties without an authorized user. At the top of the project, they claim to be “incredibly disappointed in the way in which Riot chose to handle this situation.”

The controversy expanded last Friday by sharing a post on Reddit where the Chronoshift organization points out that Riot tried to “extort” them, something the company denies. “As far as we know, and the evaluation of the lawyers specialized in copyright with whom we spoke about the project, we have not done anything illegal, ” they declared from Chronoshift.

This project was intended to preserve a version of League of Legends that cannot be downloaded, as its members claim. “Chronoshift has not interacted with the current game, nor with user accounts in any way or form (…) it was not going to go from being a patch at the beginning of season two, and it was not designed to compete with the current version”.

Gene Chorba, the leading developer of League of Legends, warned at the time of the announcement on Reddit that they do not follow through with the project. “We have straightforward and easy-to-read policies on product development around Riot Games. Please read Legal Jibber Jabber (yes, that’s it) and the policies on .”

In the latest update on the status of this issue, Chronoshift claimed to have contacted a member of Riot Games to get to the bottom of this issue and fix it.