Score! Hero 2: one of the best football games for Android is back

Sports games in general and football games, in particular, are among the most downloaded by Android smartphone users, and within this subcategory, one of the best-known titles is Score! Hero, a game that reached the Google Play Store in 2015 and of which, six years later, a second version has just arrived that in just five days has already exceeded one million downloads.

one of the best football games for Android is back

You can now play Score! Hero 2 on your Android terminal

Score! Hero 2: the improved version of one of the best football games on Android

The main novelty of Score! Hero 2 compared to its predecessor in that the graphics have been significantly improved. Otherwise, the game maintains the mechanics of the first version, making it a simpler and more addictive game than the classic FIFA or PES.

Unlike conventional soccer games where you have to jump onto the field to play full matches, in Score! Hero 2, you only have to complete increasingly complex plays, starting with something as simple as passing passes or scoring goals to more complicated team plays.

To complete these plays, you will have to perform a few simple sliding gestures to execute the passes, shoot on goal or take fouls as you progress in Score! Hero 2, these plays are becoming more difficult to complete and therefore much more entertaining and challenging.

the improved version of one of the best football games on Android

Score! Hero 2 in action

The objective of the title is to complete all the levels, overcoming, in each one of them, a series of phases in which you will be able to get a maximum of three stars, as long as you successfully carry out all the tasks that are entrusted to you.

These stars that you are achieving will be necessary to pass to the next level, and as you progress, more stars will be required of you to climb to the next step.

Score! Hero 2 is a free game that you can download from the direct link to the Play Store that I leave below these lines.

Tips and tricks to become a Score champion! Hero 2

Next, I will reveal a series of tips and tricks that will be of great help to you to overcome the levels with less difficulty and advance more quickly in this game.

Score goals

One of the key points to be one of the best Scores! The hero knows how to score goals. Although there are a series of recommendations that can help you do this, there is no better trick than practice.

That said, to improve your scoring skills, try to apply the following tips :

  • Learn to control the effect of the ball because that way, the goalkeeper will not know where the ball is going to go.
  • Never shoot low since the chances of scoring a goal with this type of shot are drastically reduced.
  • Take shots at medium height since they are the most difficult to stop for goalkeepers.

Make a Vaseline

Making a Vaseline over the goalkeeper is not easy, but if you master it, you will score a large number of goals.

To do it, you have to follow the following instructions: with the goalkeeper halfway out; you must draw a semicircle from your position to the goalkeeper’s back and, once this is done, without stopping touching the screen, you have to draw another straight line in the direction to the goalEasy right?

Get infinite lives and energy.

To get infinite lives and unlimited energy, you must cheat the game by changing the time on your mobile terminal. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • When you run out of life, quit the game and turn off the internet on your mobile.
  • Access the clock settings and one hour ahead, for example, if we are 19:00 to 18:00.
  • You reactivate the internet connection and enter the game again.

Make money

You can get money through a series of options provided by the game itself and which are the following :

  • Play Score! Hero, even if it’s a short time.
  • Login with your Facebook account.
  • See the advertising videos.