What Cost Is Good Enough For High Speed Internet


High Speed Internet

Starter packs of broadband services like Optimum internet plans usually cost $30 per month. The average price of the Internet in the U.S. costs around $60 a month. This doesn’t include fees and taxes. Internet plans in some areas can cost up to $100 per month. Multiple factors determine the price of the Internet. These include region, speed, bundle offers, etc.

That said, choosing from different internet plans can be overwhelming. Customers often find it difficult to get the right package at the right price. A high-speed internet connection can provide faster downloading and uploading speeds. Satellite, fiber optic, DSL, and cable are types of high-speed internet connections.

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How Fast Is High-speed Internet? 

Any connection with a download speed of 25Mbps or more is high-speed internet. While 25Mbps works great for a single user, but it won’t be enough in houses with multiple smart devices. You’ll need to upgrade the connection to get faster browsing speeds. However, it is advisable to only pay for the extra Mbps you need. Most users end up paying more for the speed they don’t need. If your browsing activity is limited to social media then you shouldn’t pay for all those costly data plans.

What Factors Lead to Increase in Internet Cost?

Several factors contribute to the overall price of the internet. It is important to keep the factors in mind while selecting an internet service provider. Many users do not know about the fees and rentals and only find out about these charges in their monthly bills.

Rented Equipment Cost

The majority of internet service providers issue their equipment for a certain price. This price is referred to as equipment rental. It can be as low as $10 a month. Modems and routers comprise rented equipment.

Installation & Activation Charges

The average cost for installing and activating an internet connection is about $100. Many broadband companies charge installation and activation fees. This is a practice that is common in many regions of the U.S.

Universal Service Fee

The FCC has made it mandatory for telecommunication companies to provide affordable services to the citizens. The universal service fee is mandated by the federal government. There is no restriction that internet service providers cannot pass this cost on to their consumers. The current USF percentage is 19.6%.

Late Fee

Late payment fees vary from provider to provider. These fees usually range between $9 and $25. The average fee is $12.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees vary by ISP. Some providers offer internet plans on a contractual basis. These contracts include terms for an early exit. These terms make it mandatory for users to pay a cancellation fee. A flat-rate cancellation fee ranges between $100 and $150. Some ISPs reduce the cost per month to facilitate their consumers. Others determine the cancellation fee by counting months remaining in the contracts of their consumers. The cancellation fee determined through this method ranges between $10 and $20.

What to Know About Internet Cost? 

Knowing tiny details regarding the Internet can help you choose the best ISP. Learn these tips and tricks and you’ll get the best internet package for your home. Make sure you visit different service providers before settling for one. It is advisable to compare different price plans. Remember, the more speed you need the more payment you’ll be required to submit.

Look out for discounts. Many ISPs attract new customers with discount offers. While those discounted prices may appear tempting, they won’t last forever. Your internet price will likely go up after a certain period. Moreover, your provider may require you to avail autopay facility to get a discount. Consider purchasing a modem or router instead of getting rented equipment. Lastly, you can get a service provider that does not charge an installation or activation fee.

How Much Should I Pay for High-speed Internet?

The average cost of the Internet has increased over years. In 2020, Americans paid an average of $79 for high-speed internet. You can select from different types of connections. These include satellite, fiber optic, DSL, and cable. You can get a cable internet connection for about $58 a month. DSL, on the other hand, can cost close to $43 per month.

Fiber optics offer better speeds than a DSL connection. They transmit data through fiber optic cables as compared to the traditional phone lines in DSL. Fiber optic costs about the same as cable internet. Satellite internet is a relatively expensive option. It costs about $90 a month. Internet data is transmitted through satellite dishes in a satellite internet connection. Please note that these are average costs per month.

It is advisable to keep upfront costs like installation charges in mind while shopping for the Internet. Unless you are getting premium features, stick to the price plan that offers value for money.