5 Best Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

5 Best Countries with Fastest Internet Speed
Best Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

The widespread availability of the internet has brought about a tremendous change in our lives. It has provided convenience and comfort. From small businesses to large enterprises, every sector is benefitting from the internet. Today, the internet is faster than it has ever been.  

Speaking of speed, countries around the world are improving their IT infrastructure to improve connectivity. The speed you are getting right now on your laptop device might vary from what your friend is getting. This is because average internet speeds vary by region.  

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Factors that Determine Internet Speed (Explained) 

Average internet speed depends on several factors. It is important to understand these factors to get the right speed. That said, here are the factors that determine internet speed:  


We aren’t talking about the state of roads or buildings in a country. Infrastructure here implies cable wires such as copper and fiber that a country uses to support its internet requirements. The better the quality of the cable infrastructure, the faster the internet speed.  

Proximity to Undersea Cables 

Did you know that undersea cables transmit more than 95% of the world’s communication data? Proximity to the sea means that the country will get faster internet speeds. Even if you get a broadband service powered by Spectrum Promotion, speeds may still vary if your country is located too far from the sea.  


Average internet speeds also depend on the size of a country. Countries with large landmass might find it difficult to install cable lines due to their size. Smaller countries, on the other hand, can improve their internet infrastructure quite easily.  


Developed countries have access to high-speed and reliable internet services. Investment is another factor that affects internet speeds. It refers to the level of priority a country’s government accords to the internet.  

Countries with Fastest Internet Speed (Ranked)  

This blog is using data from Speedtest Global Index™ to rank countries based on the internet speeds. It is worth mentioning that the said index determines its rankings from more than 190 countries. It also provides information regarding the fastest mobile connections in the world. So, which country sits at the top of fastest internet speed ranking, let’s find out.  

1. Singapore

Singapore is ranked number one when it comes to having the fastest fixed broadband speed. Average download speeds in the country peak at 262.20 Megabits Per Second (Mbps), which is more than double the average in the rest of the world. Several factors account for the state of the internet in Singapore. They include size, investment, and infrastructure.  

However, the country does not enjoy the same spot when it comes to the fastest mobile internet speed. It isn’t even in the top 10. Average download speeds for mobile connections in Singapore peak at 91.75 Mbps, making it the eighteenth country on the list of states with the fastest mobile internet.  

2. Hong Kong

Ranking in at number two in Hong Kong with average download speeds of 254.40 Mbps. Hong Kong is one of the most developed regions in the world. It has a highly capable IT infrastructure in addition to a well-maintained economy. The small size of the country also makes it less costly for the authorities to develop the IT infrastructure.  

Ironically, the country does not even make it to the top 20 when it comes to having the fastest mobile internet speed. It is, in fact, on the twenty-fifth spot – even behind Singapore. The four countries that are ranked above Hong Kong are Bahrain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Croatia.  

3. Monaco

Monaco is among the top three countries with the fastest fixed broadband speeds. Average download speeds peak at 242.89 Mbps. This sovereign city-state has a population of approximately 39,000 people. Its small size is one of the reasons it has a well-developed IT infrastructure. Moreover, the authorities prioritize the development of internet services in this microstate.  

4. Switzerland

Trailing behind Monaco is Switzerland with an average internet speed of 222 Mbps. The country has one of the fastest broadband penetration rates in Europe. Like many other countries, Switzerland once relied on dial-up to support its internet needs. Now DSL is the main broadband technology in use. It is worth mentioning here that the country has access to superfast mobile connections. Average internet speeds for mobile connections peak at 115.83 Mbps.  

5. Thailand

Average internet speeds in Thailand fall just 1 Mbps shy of equaling Switzerland’s average download speeds. Did you know that Thailand was the third country in Southeast Asia to obtain access to internet services? Internet services first became available in the country in 1996. Half of the country’s population has access to the internet. DSL makes up the bulk of broadband technology in Thailand.  

When it comes to mobile internet, Thailand is ranked at number 50 on the Speedtest Index for the fastest mobile internet connections. Average download speeds for mobile internet in Thailand peak at 49.37 Mbps.