Stealth mode in Telegram: how to hide that you are online


Telegram is the messaging network that recently reached 400 million active users per month and with multiple special functions. And although it does not exceed the popularity of platforms such as WhatsApp, it is still one of the favorites.

However, unlike WhatsApp, the application offers a highly advanced security system, where you can hide your name and phone number if you wish.

In addition, to have a private conversation, there are secret chats, which will allow you to time the duration of a message.

This means that when sending or receiving a text, it will have the ability to self-destruct thanks to its MTProto 2.0 encryption. And if what you want is to use the famous invisible mode in Telegram, do not despair! You can also configure the visibility of your status.

Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to hide your online status and thus avoid inconvenience while working or chatting with a specific group of people.

The only disadvantage of applying invisible mode is that you will not be able to see the status of the rest of the users, much less the last connection time.

How to hide Telegram online status

Here we show you step by step how to activate the invisible mode in Telegram, both on mobile and PC.

From the phone

  • Open the Telegram application from your cell phone.
  • Click on the hamburger-style menu, located in the upper left.
  • A menu of options will be displayed. Give touch in “Settings.”
  • Then tap on “Privacy and security.”
  • In the Privacy section, click on “Last time and online.”
  • Time and been online. It will ask you who will be able to see your last. Choose from several options: ”All,” My contacts,” Nobody.” You also have a special “Do not share with” option.
  • In your case, choose “Nobody,” If necessary, touch the check in the upper right to finish.

From the computer

  • Open the Telegram application from PC.
  • Point the cursor to the hamburger menu, located in the upper left part of the window.
  • Locate the option “Settings> Privacy and security> Last time and online.”
  • Several options will appear, “Everyone,” “My contacts,” “Nobody,” and exceptions such as: “Do not share with.”
  • In your case, choose “Nobody” and press “Save” to make the changes successfully.

By following these steps in the Telegram configuration, no user will see your online status, and you will not see the status or connection hours of others either. If you agree to the conditions, it’s time to hide your online status and apply invisible mode in Telegram.