‘Terrordrome’: the ultimate fighting game

There are days when one is not prepared to meet according to which videos, like this one from ‘Terrordrome.’ A pleasant surprise that I was not aware of (alas, ignorant of me) until a particular blog post from a friend has shed some light on the dark tunnel before me.

For fans of characters as charismatic as Ash, belonging to that beautiful film trilogy formed by ‘Infernal Possession,’ ‘Terrifyingly Dead,’ and ‘The Army of Darkness,’ or Freddy Krueger himself, ‘Terrordrome’ is a natural gift. A tribute to a few of the characters who have given us such good moments in their films from series B, Z, or the letter that you like the most, encompassed in another clear tribute to the ‘Mortal Kombat’ aesthetic. However, the latter may be more than a simple bow.

The demo for PC is available for download, but I want such a title to be developed for current consoles. Or at least for its online services (Xbox Live Arcade and PSN), because to be able to face Ash and his army of skeletons against Leatherface (the one from ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is worth having.