Terry Cavanagh proves ‘Super Hexagon’ difficulty is there to be overcome

Terry Cavanagh proves Super Hexagon difficulty is there to be overcome

‘Super Hexagon is the latest work by Terry Cavanagh, creator of ‘ VVVVVV,’ one of the most successful indie titles of the past year. This time we go from a platform title to one in which the rhythm of the music and the reflections are everything. What remains, yes, is the devilish difficulty.

The game arrived on iOS a few weeks ago, and since then, it has become quite a sensation. Taking advantage of the Fantastic Arcade fair in Texas, Cavanagh has shown his conference attendees the whole levels of ‘Super Hexagon.’ He affirms that those who pass the first level should not stop trying with the following ones.

I have practiced for a long time while developing the game. I’d say half the time I’ve spent developing it was playing around, making changes based on how you felt. Yes, I have played a lot.

If you can finish the first level, you already have it; you can spend it whole. I’ve seen it with people testing the game; they would think, “well, it’s too difficult for me,” and then they would get to the point where their reflexes were good enough, and they understood the game enough to end up finishing it. That’s what the game is about. It should be a challenge to overcome yourself.

‘Super Hexagon is one of those titles that manages to be fun by making you lose. Again and again, you keep failing, but you manage to gain control, you advance a couple of seconds in your mark, and you think you have achieved the impossible. Considering that we are facing a game iOS, a system in which difficulty is not the order of the day, that is something to be applauded.