The 11 Best apps to try haircuts with your mobile

  • Try haircuts with these online hair change simulators for your mobile.

Going through the salon can have a positive or tragic result. We have all suffered at some point from a haircut with which we have not been entirely happy. To avoid these unpleasant situations, you can resort to applications that allow you to try haircuts with your mobile.

We have all ever wondered: how would I look with short hair? How would I look with bangs? These haircut simulators allow you to check how different hairstyles would look and see if they would help us change.

Just like there are apps to try on clothes, makeup, and even furniture without leaving home, in the Play Store, there are also applications with which you can check how those style changes that you have designed for your hair would look like. Next, we recommend 11 free apps that can be of great help before going to the hairdresser.

  • Hairstyle
  • Hair Style Changer Editor
  • Hair Zapp
  • Hairstyles Women Hairstyles
  • Fabby Look
  • Hair change
  • Change hair color
  • Haircolor
  • Hairfit
  • Men Hairstyles Changer
  • Style My Hair

The 11 best apps to try haircuts with your mobile


Hairstyle is one of the complete applications that you can find in the application store to test haircuts online.

You can find different styles for your hair: long, short, curly, straight, blonde, brunette, collected … At the moment, Hairstyle is aimed only at women, so you will not find characteristic haircuts for men.

When entering the app, you must take a selfie or choose a photo from your gallery in which your face looks good. Afterward, you will have total freedom to adjust the different styles to your face and thus check if you would be happy with the final result or not.

Hair Style Changer Editor

Another of the apps that can help you before going to the hairdresser is Hair Style Changer Editor, also free for your Android.

Its operation is similar to that of the previous hair change simulator: you take a selfie or choose an image from the gallery and then select the hairstyle you want to try.

In this app, you can move the hair as you need, making it bigger or smaller to fit your face. Although the final result is not perfect, Hair Style Changer Editor is a good application to get an idea of ​​how that new cut or color would look if you finally opted for it.

Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp

To try haircuts with Hair Zapp, you will not need a subscription or purchases within the app. In addition, this application stands out by having a gallery of dozens of high-resolution haircuts. Therefore, you can create a realistic montage by matching your face with those haircuts you are most interested in trying.

If you need an external opinion, you can share the montage with other Hair Zapp users and receive their comments. In addition, you can also bookmark those hairstyles that you like the most to compare them with each other.

Hairstyles Women Hairstyles

Please choose the best photo you have saved on your phone or take it at the moment to start trying the more than 80 different haircuts available in this application, also free for your Android mobile.

Short hair, long hair, blonde, red hair, with or without bangs … The hairstyles offered by this haircut test are very varied, so you can try without limits until you find the right haircut for your face.

Fabby Look – Haircut Simulator

We also talk about an application focused only on hair color changes, perhaps one of the most daring decisions when visiting the hairdresser. If you are not sure if you should go blonde or take a risk with colors like green or purple, this application can be of great help.

Hair change

Another good online haircut simulator is “Hair Change.” With this app, you can try haircuts and hairstyles from the comfort of your mobile.

In addition, for each style, you can see how the hair of different colors would look on you. Maybe it’s the push you needed to change your original color for that hair dye that you like so much.

Change Hair Color – change hair and color.

If you are not interested in trying hair changes, but what you really want is to see how a specific color would look in your hairstyle, Change Hair Color is a good application.

The range of colors is not very large, but it is one of the apps to see hair changes that work best.

You have to choose a photo, select your hair and choose the color of the dye.

Hair Color

Like the previous one, Hair Color is an app designed to test any hair color in a matter of seconds. A very convenient app to test hair changes with your mobile

Hairfit – k-pop hairstyle simulator

If you have ever wanted to check how a Korean-style hairstyle would look on you, this application allows you to do it on your mobile.

With Hairfit, you can try out K-Pop culture haircuts using your phone’s camera and then export them to share with anyone.

Men Hairstyles Changer

There are also haircuts and hairstyles simulator apps for men. One of the best in Men Hairstyles Changer, which allows you to choose between different types of hairstyles.

Style My Hair Pro

From the hand of the beauty firm L’Oréal Professionnel comes this application, designed to test hairstyles and hair colors online thanks to its 3D virtual test function.

With it, you can choose from dozens of the brand’s dyes and test them on your hair in real-time. Thus, you can know which is the shade that best suits your hair.

If you like the world of hairdressing and are not satisfied with these apps to try haircuts, we recommend a series of games that you may not know yet, Toca Hair Salon, one of the most downloaded paid apps on iOS in the past year.

Grab the scissors and the dye and show all your creativity in this beauty salon that will cost you to leave.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with just these apps, you can also look at the repertoire of apps to try on clothes or makeup in augmented reality, with which you can change your style from your mobile.