The 14 Best Applications To Watch Movies And Series For Free

The 14 best applications to watch movies and series for free

Today we bring you 14 applications with which you can watch free movies and series on your mobile or tablet, all legal applications. Many are also available on Android or Apple TV and are compatible with Chromecast, so you can enjoy content on the “big” screen.

Typically, applications to watch movies and series, such as Disney+, HBO, and Netflix, require monthly subscription payments to access the content. Still, other alternatives offer free series and movies in exchange for advertising or in advance of what you will find if you decide to pay the monthly subscription. Now all you have to do is keep track of the ones you see… or make a Bullet Journal.

Pluto tv

pluto tv

The Pluto TV platform arrived in Spain last year with about 40 channels, although the list has continued growing in successive months, with more than 60 varied channels: movies, series, comedy, music, sports… There is a little bit of everything on Pluto TV.

Pluto TV is supported by advertising, so you will occasionally see ads in exchange for accessing all its content. The good news is that you don’t need to create an account: by installing the application or opening its website, you can start viewing the content.



A similar option to Pluto TV is Tivify, which has more than 80 channels that you can watch for free. Of course, unlike Pluto TV, Tivify has a monthly subscription that starts at 4.99 euros per month but added the free plan in July of this year.

Tivify’s offer consists mainly of DTT channels, so it is an alternative if you don’t have an antenna or tuned channels. In this case, you need to register with a free account, although with the advantage that there are no ads or a lower resolution than the paid plan.

Rlaxx TV

Rlaxx TV

One of Spain’s latest free TV services is Rlaxx TV, of German origin. With such a recent arrival, the content available is limited, with 27 free and on-demand channels.

The big drawback of Rlaxx TV is that, at the moment, most of its movies and series are in English. If this is not an impediment, you will find a diverse selection of programs, series, and movies in exchange for seeing the occasional ad. You do not need registration.

Samsung TV Plus

Screenshot 1

A Samsung TV Plus is an exclusive option for those with a Samsung mobile, tablet, or TV. This app comes pre-installed on your home TVs with free channels depending on your region.

Last month, Samsung launched Samsung TV Plus for mobiles and tablets in Spain, meaning you can access over 50 different channels if you have a Samsung mobile but not a Samsung TV. News, entertainment, sports, movies, music, and children’s channels exist.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is a paid movie and series streaming service, although it has a free version. You will find movies, documentaries, and children’s series in Rakuten’s free catalog at no cost.

For a couple of years, Rakuten has had a free plan. The content is not the same as what you will see if you pay the subscription (you cannot access the channels classified as premium), and also, in exchange, you will have to see ads from time to time.



A somewhat lesser-known option, at least outside of Latin America, is Vix. It works like Netflix, although free and without creating an account to start playing its content.

At Vix, you will find a selection of movies, series, and children’s content, emphasizing Latin America. However, browsing the catalog, you will find part of international content.



Microcanales is an application showing you a small sample of part of the AMC Networks content available on Spanish operators such as Movistar+, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Grupo Euskaltel, and local cable.

The idea is that you get hooked and go through the checkout. Still, in the meantime, you can access AMC or SundanceTV series, movies from Canal Hollywood, DARK, Somos, and XTRM, documentaries from Odisea, children’s programs from Canal Panda, Canal Cocina’s production and Canal Decasa, or concerts by Sol Música.

Netflix free

netflix free

A similar concept to Microchannels is the free version of Netflix. No, Netflix isn’t technically free, but from time to time, it does offer select content for free to try and get you hooked and end up paying for the subscription.

The list of series and movies is very small and changes depending on what Netflix is ​​promoting, but if you want to try your luck, you must open this web address in your mobile browser.


On YouTube, there is everything, including movies and complete series, in many cases without scruples about copyright or rights of use. However, you can also find movies in the public domain.

Another way to watch movies and series on YouTube is that more and more TV channels are broadcasting live on YouTube, in addition to having the YouTube Originals section with exclusive content (some paid, others not) or channels like Cinetel Multimedia, with classics available thanks to its exclusive rights acquisition agreements from major bookstores.



Plex is an app famous for creating your own Netflix in your home with whatever you want to include inside. However, Plex has also begun to bet on its content, which is also free.

You can watch movies for free on Plex with its streaming service, where you’ll find thousands of free series, movies, and documentaries in 220 countries, from Bollywood to modern classics like Terminator. The biggest drawback is that most of the content is in English.



Entering the local field, the official application of Radio Televisión Española brings you the channels and programs of La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, Playz, and Canal 24 hours to your mobile or tablet. Before, it was called RTVE A la Carte; now, it is RTVE Play.

At RTVE Play, you can watch live broadcasts of series and programs, save the content to watch later and download it to watch offline. You will find all the programs, series, documentaries, and films on the RTVE channels.



An option similar to the previous one is MiTele, the official application of the Mediaset group. In this application, you can watch some of the programs, series, and films of Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity, and Be Mad on your mobile.

At Mitele, you can watch live broadcasts for free in exchange for watching ads, although premium content like movies will require you to pay a subscription. The app is not the best on the list, although it is functional.



Similar to the two previous options is ATRESplayer, the official application to view the content of the Atresmedia group, with series, films, programs, reports, and documentaries from Antena 3, latex, Neox, Nova, Mega, and Atreseries.

Much of the content requires you to pay for a premium subscription, so the free offering is somewhat limited and clouded by ads. You can also use the application to watch the live broadcasts of the platform’s channels.



iQIYI is a Chinese video platform that is expanding more and more in the West. The content is mainly Chinese and Asian movies and series, with complete title information and without missing Spanish subtitles.

You can start using iQIYI without an account, registration, or paying anything, although to unlock all the chapters, series, and movies, you will have to pay the VIP monthly subscription. The app is quite advanced, allowing you to download series to watch later offline.