Best Electric Bicycles (2023): Which One To Buy And 14 Recommended Models From 599 To 3500 Euros

Bicycles have become a solution for congested urban mobility due to their simplicity, efficiency on short journeys, and low cost, especially compared to private vehicles. However, they continue to represent a challenge unsuitable for all audiences when traveling longer distances or with a certain unevenness. This is where the electric bicycle makes its appearance.

If you are thinking of buying one, in this electric bicycle buying guide, we analyze what to take into account and propose some interesting models.

Rules of the Road for electric bicycles

As with the rest of the bicycles, for the electric bicycle, it is mandatory to wear a helmet on interurban roads and highways, but not in the city. In the same way, you cannot drive on the sidewalks unless specified, having to drive on the road like other vehicles.

To use an electric bicycle, having a license is not necessary, but knowing the highway code and traffic signs and respecting them is necessary. In case of driving in low light conditions or at night, bicycles must have a white front light and a red rear light.

Neither is it necessary to have third-party damage insurance, nor is it required to pay circulation tax because electric bicycles are not comparable to mechanically-tracked vehicles. Of course, if we do not have insurance in the event of an accident, we will have to take care of the damage caused to vehicles and pedestrians.

Electric bicycle-specific legislation

Electric bicycle specific legislation

The regulations we have seen on electric bicycles are identical to those of standard bicycles. However, electric bikes consist of a battery and a motor that provide pedaling assistance to the driver, and there are certain limitations on these components, as we see below.

Electric bicycles must be approved by the Ministry of Industry, by the UNE-EN 15194:2009 standard.

They will resemble mopeds if they have a throttle similar to that of a motorcycle or if their motor exceeds 250W, or if pedal assistance does not stop when reaching 25 km/h, as is the case with powered cycles or speed bikes. In these cases, it would be necessary to register the vehicle, take out insurance and have a license to drive it.

In this way, they are framed as Assisted Pedal Bicycles (EPAC):

Types of electric bicycle batteries and Autonomy

The characteristics of the battery play a very important role when choosing: not only its specifications but also if they are integrated into the bicycle or removable. The advantage that they can be removed is that they allow us to take them with us if we leave the bike on the street, which gives us more security and allows us to load them at home or work. On the other hand, the models with integrated batteries offer a more discreet aesthetic and are similar to conventional bicycles.

Regarding the battery in question, we must look at its charging cycles and the ease of replacement when they run out. In this sense, the easier it is to access it to proceed with its replacement, and the longer the useful life they offer, the better.

Regarding autonomy, this will be linked to its capacity (as it happens with other devices such as telephones) and the type of battery it is: lithium-ion batteries are more efficient than lead batteries, cheaper but heavier.

However, the autonomy provided by the manufacturer is a mere guideline that will differ from real experience, where the weight of the cyclist and the terrain play a fundamental role: a 90-kilo cyclist who climbs hills is not the same as a cyclist who weighs 75 and takes a flat course. The normal thing is to find models that allow about 50 – 60 kilometers with pedal assistance without problems.

Another important factor is its pedaling assistance since the electric bike allows us to regulate how much we want the electric motor to push.

Engine situation

engine situation

To finish with the peculiarities of electric bikes, we will look at where the motor is located. There are two trends: on the axle or the wheel, two options that provide different sensations and efficiency.

Suppose we opt for a model that integrates the motor in its axis. In that case, the pedaling sensation is similar to that of a classic bicycle, a more suitable option for sports activities such as mountain biking or road cycling. In addition, the electric motor comes into operation by having a torque movement sensor on the axis when pushing the pedal, and the bike shoots out.

A motion sensor is included if the motor is built into the wheel, so it takes a couple of turns to get it into action. This alternative is the most common in urban models, where it is decided to place it on the rear wheel or the front wheel if double traction is sought: the front wheel by the motor and the rear by “manual” pedaling.

What kind of electric bike to choose?

Before buying an electric bicycle, we must think about the use that we will give it and with what intensity we have space to store it or if we will have to carry it from home to the street, or the budget we can afford.

As with standard bicycles, there are various types of electric bicycles on the market: folding, touring, urban, hybrid, mountain… In this sense, the starting point is the same: why do we want it?

Below we propose some models of electric bicycles of different types to serve as a reference.

SmartGyro Ebike Cross City

SmartGyro Ebike Crosscity

One of the cheapest proposals aimed at urban mobility is the SmartGyro Ebike Crosscity ( 690 euros ), a model in the entry range with simple features: it has a removable battery with a range of 30-50 km, 20″ wheels and, although foldable, it weighs around 20 kilograms.

You-Ride Amsterdam

You Ride Amsterdam

With an urban vocation, with a folding format and elements for comfort and safety such as mudguards, temples, or lighting, the You-Ride Amsterdam ( 599 euros ), a model with a 250W motor to reach 25 km/h and a range of up to 35 km. Despite being a city bike, it does not neglect details such as having disc brakes and five riding modes.

F.lli Schiano E-Moon

F.lli Schiano E Moon

Minimalist design for the F.lli Schiano E-Moon ( 829 euros ), an urban electric bicycle with large tires, a comfortable Selle Royal saddle, a stand, lights, and mudguards to give a little push on slopes and long journeys. It is a forceful model with five pedal assistance modes and a maximum speed of 25 km/h

Xiaomi Bicycle Electric Folding Bike

Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Folding Bike

Although there is already a second generation ( 1614 euros ), the original Xiaomi electric bike is an interesting urban and folding model that stands out for its small size and lightness (14.5 Kg), making it very comfortable to fold and carry. Public transport. Of course, at the cost of an attractive minimalist design that lacks useful elements for the city, such as the grill or the fender.

Its batteries manufactured by Panasonic offer an estimated autonomy of 45 km, seeing statistics and information about routes from the app. The Xiaomi Bicycle Electric Folding Bike costs 999 euros.

Megamo Chip 3.0

Megamo Chip 3.0

For those looking for the comfort of the electric format without giving up the portability offered by a folding bike, the Megamo Chip 3.0 ( 1,199 euros ) is a very attractive alternative for value for money, with a 250W brushless motor to facilitate pedaling and a range of approximately 50 km.

Moma E-MTB 28 Pro

Moma E MTB 28 Pro

The Moma E-MTB 28 Pro ( 1,399 euros ) is a trekking bike with 28″ wheels, front suspension, and disc brakes.

It offers 5 levels of pedaling assistance, integrates a battery with a great autonomy of 120 km that is also removable, and has an LCD to know data related to the routes. An interesting and complete option to start with electric bicycles.

Legend Milano

legend milano

The Legend Milano ( 1699 euros ) is an off-road electric bicycle, with details for urban use such as its handlebars or the grill, but with suspension and wheels for roads. With a sober and elegant aesthetic, it offers a range of up to 100 kilometers.

Berlin lithium

berlin lithium

The Lithium Berlin offers ( 1990 euros ) a classic aesthetic on the outside and sophisticated on the inside, both mechanically and electronically. with a 250W motor to reach 25 km/h and a range of up to 70 km. With different driving modes that can be adjusted from the mobile and full of details to make it comfortable to drive in the city, such as its ergonomic grips, bell, and luggage rack, among others.



The HITWAY Bk8 E-Bike is explicitly designed for women and is primarily intended for urban environments, although it can do the trick outside the city. It offers three driving modes. It has a 250 W motor, a HITWAY BMS control system, and a double damping system. It guarantees, therefore, a very comfortable ride.

Its tires are 26 inches, and it integrates an 11.2 Ah/36 V lithium battery. The battery’s autonomy is between 35 and 90 km depending on the driving mode. It is suitable for people between 1.62 and 1.95 meters.

Orbea Keram 30

Orbea Keram 30

If the idea is to invest in a long-term MTB, the Orbea Keram 30 ( 2,499 euros ) is a very interesting option.

This hybrid bike has disc brakes, front suspension, hydraulic brakes, Shimano Deoré gears, and an integrated 400Wh Bosch Performance battery.

BH Atom Street

BH Atom Street

The BH Atom Street ( 2049 euros ) is an electric bicycle with a very versatile urban design. With an aluminum frame, Shimano Alivio 8-speed transmission, hydraulic brakes, and LCD screen with an integrated battery that exceeds 100 km of autonomy with fast charge.

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur 11 Eleven

VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur 11 Eleven

Fahrrad Manufaktur is one of the reference brands in Europe for bicycles for urban mobility due to its quality, functionality, and design. Within its catalog, we find a complete section of e-bikes with the VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur 11 Once ( 2,999.90 euros ) as a model that is part of its mid-range.

This trekking bike is available with three frame types that combine sporty design and ergonomics. With Shimano XT gear, rack, fenders, a 48-volt motor from the Continental e-bike system with three levels of support, and a 600W battery.

Brompton Electric

Brompton Electric

The folding bicycle par excellence, the Brompton, has leaped the electric format. Keeping that compact and light design – 16.60 kg for this electric version –premium materials and that iconic sound of the chain. The Brompton Electric ( 3,495 euros ) is available in two sizes and comes with a 250W motor and a battery that gives it a range of 30 to 70 kilometers.