The 9 best spy apps for Android

Advances in Android security issues have not prevented the existence of tools to spy on devices with this operating system. We talk about stalkers, where applications monitor or spy on an Android mobile phone.

Currently, Article 197 of Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code Spanish dictates that anyone who intercepts the telecommunications of another person or uses “technical devices of listening, transmission, recording or reproduction of sound or the imagen “can be sentenced to a sentence of one to four years in prison and a fine of twelve to twenty-four months.

Typically, spying on someone else’s mobile phone is not usually done with good intentions, but there are specific cases where the end is positive. For example, parents who use these apps monitor their young children’s use of the terminal.

Always under the law, you can use the best spy apps for Android that we recommend in this article.

The 9 best spy apps for Android

Best spy apps for Android

  • Google Family Link for parents
  • FamiSafe
  • Prey Anti-Theft
  • XMLSpy
  • Spyzie
  • Cerberus
  • Find my Google device
  • Tools from the manufacturers themselves

Google Family Link for parents

Among all the Google apps, we find Family Link, a free tool that allows you to remotely control how and when your child uses their mobile phone. First of all, you can see what activities it performs with each app and limit its time to ensure a good relationship with technology.

In addition, if you have Family Link installed on both terminals, you can also locate where mobile is your child’s using their GPS. On the other hand, you also can lock the phone remotely when it’s time to pause. Finally, mention that to use Family Link, you need a Google account, but you can also be in charge of your child’s under 14 years old.


Wondershare is the company responsible for FamiSafe, an app with which parents can monitor the operation of their child’s mobile. The elderly can always know where the phone is and access complete location history with the tracker function.

In addition to controlling the use of apps, FamiSafe has a suspicious content detector that alerts parents when their child may be in a dangerous situation on social networks. Another detail that stands out in this application is that you can filter and block web content to prevent them from accessing non-recommended web pages.

Prey Anti-Theft

Recommended as one of the best anti-theft apps for Android Anti-, Prey Theft is very useful to geolocate at all times the location of the mobile device on which it is installed. Besides that, you can create areas of limitation of movement so that the app warns you when the terminal leaves these areas.

Another function with which you can control the operation of the mobile is Screen lock which, as its name suggests, is used to lock the terminal screen by entering a personalized password. In summary, Prey Anti-Theft is an app with which you can mainly spy on the location of the Android terminal.



Also on the list of best spy apps for Android is XNSpy, a popularly known monitoring app with which parents can monitor their children’s use of technology. In addition to viewing text messages and call history, with XNSpy, it is also possible to add contacts to a watch list to receive alerts when they communicate with the controlled mobile.

Something similar happens with the locations because, in addition to seeing in real-time where the terminal is and its location history, with XNSpy, you can configure a list of specific places to receive alerts when the phone approaches them.

Recording audio calls, access to the image gallery, and blocking apps are other functions of this paid app. You can subscribe to its monthly, quarterly, or annual plan to use its tools.



Size is another parental control application with standard functions in this type of tool, such as visualization of the activities that children carry out with the installed apps, geolocation of the monitored device, access to the contact list and calls log, and control of the history of browsing web pages.

This monitoring app has a basic plan with the most limited functions, a Premium plan with the most advanced procedures, and a family plan with which up to 3 devices can be monitored.


Another widely known spy app is Cerberus, handy for locating your mobile. With this app, you can remotely control the device from your computer or SMS. In addition, you can identify the terminal on the map, block access to the mobile and erase all its data, save a backup and receive personalized automatic alerts.

This app is no longer available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it free from its official website.

Find my Google device

Google is the creator of another app with which you can spy, or check, the location of a mobile phone. We refer to Find my device, a handy tool to locate your lost or stolen mobile quickly. The mobile has to be associated with the same Google account as the device you want to monitor to access the location. In addition, you must be connected to the Internet and have both locations and Find my device enabled. Afterward, you will only have to download the app or access its website to see where the mobile is located, play a sound to find it, block it or delete all its data.

Tools from the manufacturers themselves

Finally, some manufacturers also integrate tools to know the device’s location in their devices. The best proof of them is Samsung and its Find My Mobile function, with which you can quickly locate where the terminal linked to the account is located.

With Find My Mobile, you can even track the location of the mobile, retrieve calls and messages, unlock it if you have forgotten the PIN, password, or pattern, or block it if you want no one to be able to access it.