Best Free Apps to Meet New People

  • Meet new people from your mobile with these applications to make friends for free.
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The mobile phone has become a fundamental device for connecting with people around us, but also with people, we don’t know. Today, millions of users use the phone to meet new people or even connect with applications, among which Tinder stands out. In fact, the latter is an unstoppable success, becoming one of the apps that earn the most money year after year.

But we are not going to dedicate this article to finding love, but to meeting people and making new friends – that’s what dating apps are for -. And is that the mobile can become the ideal tool for this if you use the best applications with which to meet people for free.

Free apps to meet people and make friends

  • MeetMe
  • Bumble
  • Meetup
  • Patalk
  • Waplog
  • Ablo
  • Timpik

All the apps to meet people that we select in this article can be downloaded for free. However, keep in mind that some of the platforms offer payment options with which to unlock benefits.

Be that as it may, in most cases, this type of option is not strictly necessary: you only have to pay if you really want to do it. Without further ado, we see the best applications to meet people that you can use on your mobile; it does not matter if it is Android or iPhone.

Free apps to meet people and make friends


More than 50 million users have already trusted SKOUT, the application of a social platform that allows you to meet new people from anywhere in the world.

By adapting the search parameters to your interests, in SKOUT, you can chat with the person you choose and share photos with them to create a new friendship. Who knows, maybe you end up visiting him in his city and discovering other parts of the planet as well.


MeetMe is a community of over 100 million people where you can find new friends who share your interests and tastes.

It does not matter if users are close to you or not; you can chat with them, share photos and use the local feed, a section similar to Twitter that allows you to share messages with other users and end up making friends from any corner of the world. World.


One of the most popular apps for making new friends is Bumble, with more than 21 million users who have signed up for the same purpose as you: meeting people for free.

One of the most prominent sections of this app is Bumble BFF, dedicated solely to making friends. If you have arrived in a new city and want to meet people or expand your group of friends, Bumble BFF is a good option.


Without a doubt, Meetup is a mandatory app for those who want to meet new people. Especially for those who want to do it for free.

After registering, the service recommends events of your interest in the city, where you can meet groups of people who share your tastes.

If you get on with other people in the app, you can chat with them directly. You can explore groups and events based on category, not just in your city but anywhere in the world.

In addition, in Meetup, you can create your own group to organize events on your favorite topics, see how the community is growing, and keep in touch with all the members using the chat.


For free, you can use Paltalk group video calls to meet new people from all over the world.

Sing, dance, talk, discuss politics, listen to music … You can share different activities during video calls. Also, if you connect with another user, you can use the individual chat to follow the conversation privately.


“A free and safe way to meet new people,” this is how Waplog is defined in the Android application store.

With this app, you can start a conversation with other users who live near you and share your interests with them. Like the previous app, Waplog also has free video calls, a handy function to meet people from anywhere in the world.


Chosen by Google as the best app for Android last yearAblo is a fantastic app to make friends from your mobile totally free.

The app matches you with people from other countries, with whom you can chat or converse through video calls. Besides meeting new people, Ablo is ideal for learning new languages from the hand of natives of each country.


Timpik is the ideal application to meet new people who love sports, like you.

Paddle tennis, soccer, tennis … Organize a game of your favorite sport in the app and make it public to invite other people from the city who share your hobby. In addition, you too can join matches and events that take place near you. In short, an innovative application that uses sport as a means to meet people and make friends.

As for dating services, even Facebook has been encouraged to create its own, Dating, ideal for finding love without leaving the social network. These are the most outstanding free dating apps of the moment. You can also take a look at the best Tinder alternatives out there in 2020.