Tinder and 7 other dating apps: Find your better half now

I could start this article by saying a thousand ways smartphones have changed our lives, from the way we communicate to how we use them in any aspect of our routine and daily life, to end by saying that even the form of meeting new people has changed, entirely because of these devices. But since we both know the reasons that have led you to stop in this article, I’m afraid I can skip the introduction.

It does not matter if you are looking to meet new people, create friendships, or simply flirt. These are the best applications that you can download and use on Android.

Dating apps on Android: the most popular


Tinder is still the queen of dating apps. It may not be the most complete or the one that includes the best functions, but it is the most used, and therefore the one that offers us the best chance of finding the right person.

It is a free app, but it includes payments in-app through which you can access certain exclusive benefits, such as unlimited “Likes,” “Passport” to chat with people from all over the world regardless of distance, and much more.

The operation of Tinder is effortless, and that is undoubtedly one of the keys to its success. On the application’s main screen, cards will appear with the rest of the people on the platform, and you will only have to swipe left or right to discard or accept, respectively. If both people slide to the right, a “Match” will occur, and it will be possible to start a conversation through the chat integrated into the app.


Happy is an alternative to Tinder, which bases its operation on a most curious system: only people we have come across in real life will appear. When installing the app and configuring our profile, the app will start working in the background. Every time we meet another person who has the app installed on their mobile, their profile will appear in our Happn inbox and the place where the encounter took place.

If both people give “Like,” it will be possible to start a conversation.



Almost as famous as Tinder itself is Grindr. With more than 10 million installations on Google Play, its creators call it “the world’s largest social network for gay, bi, trans and queer people.”

Unlike in the case of Tinder, the rest of the platform members will appear directly on the main screen, in a gallery in the form of a grid that will change depending on the location.



Another free dating app that is succeeding is Bumble. According to the company, this app was born to completely revamp outdated ways of flirting, offering a system through which to connect with other people safely. One of the main objectives of the platform is to promote kindness and respect among its community.


Love step1

Love step2

Love step3

Unlike other alternative applications, Lovoo allows you to connect with other people through live video chats. Just install the app, create your profile and select your preferences, and you can start meeting new people through their live streams, which will be possible to join directly from the main Lovoo screen.


Until not too long ago, Badoo was the reference for applications and social networks to meet people. After the arrival of Tinder and other alternatives, it has been relegated to the background. Still, it continues to be one of the platforms with the most significant number of users.

To be what it was in its day, Badoo has recently been completely revamped to adopt the Tinder swipe card format, in addition to adding a system of “encounters” similar to what we found in Bumble.


Instead of just meeting people close to you, Skout allows you to go further and find people like you from anywhere in the world. When you start using the application, all you have to do is create a new profile by selecting your preferences and chatting with the rest of the people on the platform.


Chalk step3

Despite not being as well known as the rest of the alternatives, Chask is a good option and one of the most original because of the format it proposes. In this app, you don’t even need to register; you just have to enter your preferences so that the tool starts looking for profiles that match the tastes described.

In this way, the app will randomly search for a person – taking into account, of course, the filters indicated above – and the chat will be carried out anonymously. After a conversation, access to the profile of the other user will be unlocked, and they will be able to see their images and send or receive photos.