WhatzSeen, or how to receive an alert when one of your contacts connects to WhatsApp


The constant criticism of the lack of privacy and security in WhatsApp has made the app put the batteries to improve these aspects. In addition to the possibility of hiding your last connection or your profile photo, WhatsApp has other functions that allow you to make your account more secure.

Despite its attempts to protect the privacy of its users, there are apps specially designed to offer you what WhatsApp does not. That is the case of WhatzSeen, a surveillance application that alerts you when your contacts connect to the platform, avoiding that uphill task for you.

Download WhatzSeen to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp

As WhatsApp does not have this function, we must use an external app to have it. Its name is WhatzSeen; it is free; although it is not available in the Google Play Store, you can download it directly from pages like APK Pure.

Once the file is downloaded, you must proceed with the installation to use the app. As it is an external tool, the mobile will ask you to install unknown apps from that source. Enable this option, and you will be able to continue without problems with a process that will end when you click on the “Install” button.

Download WhatzSeen to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp

Once the installation is complete, open WhatzSeen and analyze the options, it offers you on the main screen. As you can see, all you have to do is enter the name and phone number of the contact from whom you want to receive the notifications. Once all the information has been added, select “Start to follow!” so that the “vigilance” begins.

The contact will be saved in the app’s plan, just below the green button, accompanied by buttons that you will have to pay attention to. The most important is that of the bell, which will have to be always green to receive connection notifications.

Download WhatzSeen to find out that a contact connects to WhatsApp 1

If everything is correct, you just have to wait to receive the app’s notifications, which will appear in the notification bar. In the image above, you can see that WhatzSeen informs you of both the connection and the disconnection of contact, so the notices accumulate easily.

The vigilance exercised by this app becomes extreme since it shows you all the details about each of the contact’s connections if you click on the blue button to the right of the bell. In the comprehensive WhatzSeen report, you will see connection and disconnection times, how long each of the online states has lasted, and even the exact time that has passed since the last of them.

You have already verified that WhatzSeen is a good tool if you need to know instantly if a contact connects to WhatsApp. Finally, if you want to delete a contact from the phonebook to stop receiving alerts, you only have to click the red button with the X.