Get To Know The 8 Best Applications To Make Soccer Line-Ups

8 Great Apps for Designing Soccer Lineups.

Lovers of the number one sport in the world, soccer, are always looking for applications and tools that allow them to achieve a better analysis of the tactics and formations to be used in a match. Whether you’re a fan wanting to create your ideal Champions League eleven, or just want an app to help you line up for the match with your friends, you need to check out the 8 apps we have for you.

Top of the best apps to make soccer lineups

As we said before, whether you are a fan, a coach, a player, a supporter, or a journalist, we are sure that these apps fit what you need.

  • Lineup11
  • TacticalPad
  • My Lineup
  • Lineup Zone
  • Coached Soccer Blackboard
  • LineApp
  • Football Tactic Board
  • DTSports



We start this count with a specialized app to design your soccer line-up in a simple and fast way, which offers more than 2000 existing professional soccer shirts to choose from, with different stadiums and various options to customize your team.

Lineup11 is a free app, which has the option to share the soccer lineup you created on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For all this and more, it is one of the most popular apps on this list, the only thing missing is that you can see the games in it, but for that, you have these 8 apps and they are free.

Download Lineup11


This is an ideal app for coaches, assistants, analysts, journalists, and enthusiasts of the beautiful game, with which you can create line-ups, hold talks to build strategies, and communicate ideas.

With a user-friendly interface, this whiteboard can be used on tablets, smartphones, and computers. It features high-definition graphics perfect for developing playthroughs, match analysis, and easy-to-understand graphics.

TacticalPad offers several options to present projects, this thanks to the mode of multiple tactical boards. A very complete application.

Download TacticalPad

My Lineup

My Lineup

An application that allows the creation of soccer formations to show your friends, quickly and easily. It serves to imagine that you are a professional coach, test your knowledge and skills in this sport, create plays and see how good you are. Although first, you should study a little about what a soccer manager should do with the best soccer manager games on Android.

With My Lineup, you can build your soccer team from a prefabricated formation, since it offers the option to choose players, positions on the field of play, colors, and upload photos for each player. Lineups can be saved for later editing. If you want to start in the world of soccer, to become a coach, this app is for you.

Download MyLineup

Lineup Zone

Lineup Zone

Design your soccer lineup on the go with Lineup Zone, this app is perfect for fully customizing your team with any soccer lineup. You can customize the name of your team, the colors, the name, and the number of each player; In addition to organizing the positions, it allows you to save the alignment made as an image to share later.

Lineup Zone gives you design strategies for your soccer team, you can also visualize the tactics and team formation.

Download LineupZone

Coached Soccer Blackboard

This application is a simple, but digital whiteboard for soccer coaches, it allows you to draw your system in seconds, and it is ideal for coaches of any category.

With this board you will be able to prepare your strategies quickly and improve the techniques and tactics of each player, the only problem with this app is that if you do not pay a premium subscription there is very little you can do.

Download Trained Soccer Whiteboard


To manage soccer teams, create your personalized formation and share it with your colleagues, this application is excellent. LineApp allows you to design, edit, save and share training on the main social networks or via email.

You can customize the number of players, choose the type of formation, the color of the shirt, the name of the team, and more. You can also move the position of the players on the field, so you can invent new formations that are not in the application.

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Football Tactic Board

Football Tactic Board

The application allows you to develop your tactics and plays for each game situation since it offers advanced work tools for the most demanding users. Another point in its favor is its intuitive, simple and fast user interface.

It is undoubtedly one of the apps that have more tools to cover every detail of this beautiful sport and not just create a basic lineup.

Download Football Tactic Board



Finally, we have an app that not only works for soccer since you can design lineups for other sports such as basketball, and baseball, among others. So if you are a fan of sports in general, this application will be one of your favorites.

It has an option to share the administration of the lineups so that more than one person can make changes to the same lineup and the changes will be reflected in real-time on all devices, it is perfect to work quickly and without the need to log in.

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