Top Free MP3 Music Download Sites in 2023


More people than ever can download music of high quality. The biggest turnoff, though, is the frequent requirement for payment to download the music. However, you may now listen to music lawfully and in great quality thanks to the growth of free music streaming services.

Top Free MP3 Music Download Sites in 2023
Top Free MP3 Music Download Sites

These free music websites have significantly influenced how music fans discover new songs and artists. These websites are used by musicians themselves to get legal audio to include in their upcoming songs. It’s legal to add to your digital music library. The top free MP3 music download websites that licitly provide music downloads are discussed in this article.

Top 16 Free Music Download Sites

Several websites provide unrestricted music downloads. However, most of them charge a fee to get access. Everyone who wishes to save money each month and avoid paying another membership fee has a major advantage, thanks to free music websites. These websites allow you to obtain free music without engaging in digital piracy.

Also, a few of them let you utilize their unrestricted free music videos without worrying about copyright laws being broken. The greatest websites for free music downloads vary in how they prioritize variety and accessibility. Others are more geared toward particular markets. Here is the list of the top free mp3 music download 2023.

  1. Amazon Music
  2. Bandcamp
  3. YouTube Audio Library
  4. Free Music Archive
  5. Internet Archive
  6. Jamendo Music
  7. NoiseTrade
  8. ReverbNation
  9. Beatstars
  10. Audiomack
  11. Storyblocks
  12. DatPiff
  14. Spinrilla
  15. Museopen
  16. SoundClick

Amazon Music

With Amazon Music, you may legally download songs for no charge. You may look up songs by genre, popularity, album, song length, length of reviews, or alphabetically by music title, artist, or album. However, not every song title is included in the free songs.

Before you download music, you may listen to a music sample. When you’re ready, just add all the newest music to your basket. Then, proceed through the checkout process as if you were making a purchase. Your order history’s Digital Orders tab will also have a link to the free music download, which will be sent to you.

Amazon Music

The music download site costs $9.99 per month for regular membership and $7.99 for Prime membership, for which you can download the latest songs. Even if you decide that’s not for you, you may still benefit from your free trial period of 30 days to download free music.


While LPs, CDs, and T-shirts are among the physical and digital products that Bandcamp sells, the website is also a significant site for free music. Musicians can offer their albums for “Free Download” or “Pay What You Want,” even for the negligible sum of $0.

You can download music in a variety of formats, from the standard MP3 to higher-quality file formats, including WAV, FLAC, and AIFF. You can avail of completely free music downloads on this site.

It is one of the free music download sites with a tonne of free stuff on Bandcamp, but the only way huge locate it is by searching for terms like “free download” or “creative commons.” However, you may discover a variety of possibilities on the website. You can find your next favorite release by using the site’s search bar or Bandcamp’s tag browser.

YouTube Audio Library

In addition to YouTube videos, you can locate a tonne of the artistic music you’ve primarily heard in vlogs in the YouTube Audio Library. The majority of its target audience is those who require free music for a YouTube video.

You can download music of as many songs as you like from the library using YouTube Studio if you have a YouTube account, as the download process requires you to have one.

YouTube Audio Library

The songs are permissible for use in any type of material you produce, not simply videos. The tracks are also available for use in YouTube-hosted, for-profit video files. The YouTube Audio Library offers sound effects in addition to free musical compositions.

The little Play icon allows you to listen to a sample of any free song that is available. By clicking the little Play icon, you may hear a sample of each music that is available. If you enjoy the playlist, you can download it from the menu. Attribution is not necessary as long as the track is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Free Music Archive

2019 saw the acquisition of the Free Music Archive by the Dutch music services company Tribe of Noise (FMA). The Free Music Archive (FMA) is a free music download site that was started by the community radio station WFMU in New Jersey in 2009. The website offers a huge library where you can find free music with a wide range of genres and audio content.

The original live music archive hasn’t been altered at all, notwithstanding Tribe of Noise’s alterations. Significant changes include the reduction of curators’ influence and the inclusion of premium content designed especially for creators.

Thankfully, you can still find a tonne of amazing music in the original archives that are free to listen online to or utilize in your artistic endeavors. The standards for Creative Commons vary, although some are straightforward. You can download music from the music files with free hd audio.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a free music download site that was founded in 1996 to preserve the Internet as a digital library of websites and other cultural artifacts. You can download songs from this music downloader to access music offline.

On this music website, 14 million audio files, including 220,000 live performances, are available in the audio collection. All the music also includes Old Time Radio programs, alternative news programs, Grateful Dead concerts, readings of books and poetry, and user-uploaded creative music.

Internet Archive

You may do an album, artist, or track search. The “Selling Now” and “New and Notable” categories offer recommendations of the top choices. Free MP3 music download is available on this music streaming site.

Jamendo Music

Using Creative Commons licensing, Jamendo Music was the first music download site to allow the lawful free sharing of music from any creator.

You can download music from more than 500,000 recordings provided by 40,000 artists from more than 150 nations, available from a sizable library. You may listen to all the mp3 music for free, download it, and support the artists.

The goal of Jamendo music is to provide the ideal platform for independent artists, making streaming music and sharing their works with as many people as possible, and gaining new fans across the world.

You can see the hottest free mp3 and the most played songs to find new music on this music site. To view songs that have recently been added, use the filter. Look up artists using their names. Listening to the radio stations on the website is another option to locate excellent music in this location.


The musicians whose music is available for free download on this website usually ask for a zip code or email address in exchange. To promote a forthcoming tour or to highlight the release of a new album, musicians are encouraged to make it simple for fans to contact them on this music download site.

You have a better chance of finding well-known musicians via NoiseTrade. The Killers’ most recent album won’t be accessible, but the majority of artists already have albums that are out there and are signed to record labels.

Downloading music on this website requires you to exchange certain information via social media. By exchanging postal codes and email addresses, NoiseTrade enables both labels and artists to communicate directly with fans.


You may get free downloads of mp3 music from one of the top music websites here. From 19 various genres, there are millions of music offline which are available for free download. Music downloads are quick, and the website is completely free.


To discover and share with friends, ReverbNation offers over 3.5 million artists. One of the greatest resources for downloading free MP3 music online, it aids in discovering a variety of up-and-coming musicians.

You can see the schedules for events and the best music, video, and photo galleries. In addition to downloading songs, you may also ask a question to your preferred artist. The platform also makes it possible to forward your findings to your pals by email or any of your preferred social networks.

Not every piece of music is available for free download. Nevertheless, you can stream it on a variety of devices, including your PC, tablet, or mobile device. A little download button is displayed next to the song title that can be downloaded.


Although the website also offers a tonne of free music downloads, Beatstars is primarily a marketplace for creators to purchase and sell beats. The majority of the tracks on the site may be downloaded for free, albeit not every one of them is.

To locate download choices, simply seek the “Free” tag. The website is a partner of Sony Music Publishing. By making beatmakers pay to utilize songs in their creations, the cost of free downloads is balanced.


The beat for “Old Town Road” was purchased from Beatstars, a company whose business strategy heavily relies on licensing. Moreover, Google Play and the App Store also provide an extremely popular mobile app for the website.


Audiomack has become a significant platform for musicians and music fans alike since its 2012 introduction. The possibilities providing a way for artists and fans to interact, monetize their material, and more will be increased by Audiomack in the upcoming years. Although listening to any mp3 music is free on the platform, the right holders decide which music you may download.

A vibrant fan base and fruitful collaborations with artists have helped Audiomack expand over time. Also, the music downloader has a hugely well-liked mobile app that you can get from Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Depending on the artist, each tune is completely legal, free to stream, and may also be downloaded for free, mostly in MP3 format. Hip-hop, instrumental, reggae, pop, R&B, and afro beats are a few of the most well-liked musical styles.

Through playlists, picture essays, interviews, and music video material from New York to the cosmos and back, the music downloader expands its reach.


A low-cost subscription to Storyblocks, a music downloader site, will provide you access to their whole library of music and sound effects. Stream music offline and download the latest songs on this site.

One of the greatest mp3 download websites on the internet allows you to download and use audio files many times for both professional and private purposes. Not all mp3 music is available for download, and to access some of it, you must Like a Facebook page.

Certain songs display a download option in the “More” menu on the download page or a “Free Download” button under the title, allowing users to download them quickly and without creating an account to listen to music offline.


DatPiff specializes nearly solely in mixtapes and hip-hop, unlike other websites that provide free music downloads. This makes it an excellent location to find new artists and hear music from some of the greatest names in the genre.

Furthermore, even while some works are credited to a certain artist, they frequently have a large number of remixes, demos, and alternate approaches. The use of DatPiff is subject to several limitations. However, it offers free and commercial material in hd quality.


A daily download cap applies to registered users, while users without registration can only access free song downloads if an artist or label “sponsors” extra downloads. App Stores and Google Play both provide DatPiff’s applications for download.

fm, a sizable mp3 music portal owned by Paramount Global, keeps track of your music preferences and suggests fresh tunes in line with them. A list of available free music downloads is one of the site’s extras. You may start listening to any track by just tapping the Download icon next to it.

As the website does not explicitly specify that the free songs can be used for commercial ventures, it is preferable to simply play them for your enjoyment. Nonetheless, you can download free mp3 music.

Free music downloads from all genres are available on various sites on the website These free downloads may be looked through by music genres, recently released, upcoming, or just by scrolling through the entire list.

All the songs will only be downloaded from one option in the music downloader. In addition to downloading, you may listen to hundreds of songs on-demand and get suggestions for independent artists and bands.


By mixtape title, single, or chart, such as the top mixtapes of the day, the month, or ever, music lovers may search for these audio downloads. To make a mixtape available for offline listening, you may either add it to your library or take the further step of downloading it.

You must download a tape to your library first before you may click the download icon. You may download single songs or entire albums all at once, and the website navigation is clear and simple. You may also view the next mixtapes that will be published.

Every mixtape’s availability date is listed on the Upcoming Mixtapes page. Both the mobile app and the music downloader offer access to these music downloads for listening.


Musopen was established in 2012 to expand access to music education by distributing free sheet music, music recordings, apps, and instructional material, making it one of the few other organizations on our list that are officially recognized as a non-profit.

The website has a streaming radio station and a royalty-free mp3 music archive that both focus on classical music to accomplish this purpose. Fans of classical music may also find a wealth of free sheet music as well as instructional tools on the music downloader.


Music lovers may download up to five songs each day for free for all the songs. However, music downloads require subscription accounts that provide you with greater access and download options where you can download entire albums.


Another well-established website for downloading free music on the internet is SoundClick. Hip-hop is the most dominant genre on the website, despite the library’s wide variety. Also, the user interface is incredibly user-friendly and accessible.

The website offers simple navigation and helpful functions, including light and dark modes. Artist accounts can be upgraded to premium versions, but listener accounts are always free. You cannot, however, download free songs from Soundclick as you can from some of the other websites on our list.

Yet what is offered by this music downloader is enormous and diverse for streaming music. And who knows, as you browse the millions of recordings accessible on our site, you could just discover your new favorite artist from the music industry.


How does the public domain work?

Public domain works are those that are not covered by federal copyright laws and are free to use, copy, and distribute by anyone with no attribution, permission, or license and provide royalty-free music. Copyright laws may differ from one country to the next, but generally speaking, public domain works are those that are not covered by federal copyright laws.

A work may enter the public domain for several reasons, such as the end of the copyright protection period, the work not meeting the requirements for copyright protection, or the author’s dedication to the work to the public domain. Countries have different ideas about what is considered to be the public domain.

Can you download free music on CC Trax?

Free Creative Commons music may be downloaded at CC Trax, a music downloader site. You may search for music on the website based on license, label, genre, and artist. It has a good look. Electronica, Dub, Techno, Downtempo, and Ambient are the only categories allowed.

How can I get a free MP3 download from Google?

Open Google Play Music in a web browser and sign in if necessary. Choose “Music Library.” Choose “Albums” or “Songs” from the menu at the top of the screen. Click the three-dot menu next to the album or song you wish to download, then select “Download” or “Download Album,” depending on what you wish to do.

Are there any music downloads available for free?

Yes. Without a streaming subscription, you can get free music downloads online through a music downloader. It’s now simple to legally download music for free, thanks to websites like SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, and Bandcamp.

Are there any free music downloads on Google?

Yes, Google supports a variety of music formats. However, installation is not necessary. Save time by listening to your favorite songs from Google Drive instead of downloading them to your PC using Google’s program. Some of them also let you download videos.