The best 9 apps to learn to play the guitar with your mobile

Yes, as you read, you can learn to play the guitar with your mobile, thanks to the 9 free applications featured in this article. With these apps, you can learn the basic lessons of the instrument, including the most important chords for playing songs.

If you don’t know yet, a chord is a set of notes that can be played simultaneously or sequentially. This is one of the first concepts that you will know when learning the guitar, but there are many more.

To access all the knowledge, we leave you with the best 9 apps to learn to play the guitar with your mobile. You are ready?

The best 9 apps to learn to play the guitar with your mobileTop apps to learn to play the guitar

  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Yousician
  • Free guitar course
  • Justin guitar
  • Basic Chords 3D
  • Coach Guitar
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Smarts Chords & Tools
  • Guitar tuna

Learn to play the guitar

Acoustic, flamenco, electric guitar … No matter what guitar you have, with this app, you can learn to play different types of guitar thanks to the more than 500 video tutorials in Spanish available.

Take your time to advance in these lessons progressively; you can go back to each without problems to consolidate your knowledge. In addition, this free app called “Learn to play the guitar” also has an integrated metronome and is optimized for minimal data consumption.


Like there are apps specialized in teaching English, in the Play Store, you can easily find apps that teach you how to play the guitar. One of the best is Yousician, which is supported by the title of “Editors’ Choice” on Google Play.

Expert teachers in the field prepare Yousician’s educational content, so it adapts to your level, be it beginner or advanced. There are more than 1,500 classes and exercises that make up the application’s syllabus, with lessons on strumming, melodies, chords, music theory, score replay, etc.

In addition to those videos, Yousician has games to help you strengthen your skills while having fun and weekly challenges to put you to the test. In short, a complete app to learn to play the guitar in Spanish.

Free guitar course

Although it is not very well known, “Free Guitar Course” is a good app to learn to play the guitar with your mobile and for free.

From beginner to advanced level, passing through the intermediate level, this application has more than 350 free access videos that add up to more than 34 hours of guitar lessons.

The concepts are the same for the Spanish guitar, the acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar so that you can use the help of the “Free Guitar Course” with any of them.

In addition to the basic lessons, in this application, you will also find a section dedicated to guitar riffs, guitar rhythms, and another for electric guitar sounds, effects, and pedals.

Justin guitar

Justin Sandercoe is a well-known guitarist who offers his guitar lessons on the Justin Guitar website. All the web content is also available in the Justin Guitar application, free in the Play Store.

This interactive course comprises instructional videos, innovative exercises, and hundreds of songs that share the same goal: to teach you to play the guitar.

Step by step, you will learn the most important concepts, such as basic chords, chord changes, and strum patterns. You know, if you want to learn to play this instrument, you can trust Justin Sandercoe.

Basic Chords 3D

Chords are essential elements in learning guitar, so this application is one of the most recommended. In Basic Chords 3D, you can see in three dimensions the position of the fingers for each chord from different angles, in addition to observing how the fingers have to be moved for chord changes.

In addition, with Basic Chords 3D, you can see guitar chords in graphs, in musical notation, bar chords, and audio samples of real guitars for each chord.

Coach Guitar

Coach GuitarOne of the best-known applications to learn to play the guitar is Coach Guitar, which uses only 5 colors for teaching lessons, both for acoustic and electric guitar.

Through tutorial videos and small goals, Coach Guitar will help you progress little by little with the guitar. In addition, it shows you an animated neck with colors in which you will see what the chords of each song are like, in slow motion and a loop so that you can see the information in detail.

Learn to play the guitar

“Learning to play the guitar,” with the same name as one of the previous apps, is a virtual guitar course that will teach you to play the instrument in a fun and easy way.

Step by step, this app will show you everything you need to know: how to read guitar tablature, staff, parts of an electric guitar, location of the notes on the neck, major and minor chords, spider exercise, capo chords …

We can say that “Learning to play the guitar” is a complete application in terms of lessons and, best of all, free.

The Smart Chords & Tools catalog is made up of millions of song chords, and that is one of the reasons it is the ideal app for musicians, no matter if they are beginners or experts.

With this free application, you can also use tools such as chord progressions, tuner, metronome, circle of fifths, and even a trainer for the technique known as “Fingerpicking.” If you want to learn to play the guitar, we recommend downloading Smart Chords & Tools and thoroughly researching the app to take advantage of its great features.

Guitar tuna

Finally, to learn to play the guitar, you also need an app to tune the instrument. The best one you can use is Guitar Tuna, free and with more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

This acoustic and electric guitar tuner is easy to use, professionally accurate and features an automatic mode to help you through the process. Without a doubt, if you want to learn to play the guitar, you need a tuner with these characteristics on your mobile, which also has a metronome, games to learn chords, and a chord library.