Does Verizon NFL Mobile Use Data? What Is The Truth?

Does Verizon NFL Mobile Use Data
Does Verizon NFL Mobile Use Data

Almost everyone out there loves sports. Mobile phones have made it easier to enjoy sports because almost everyone has a mobile with themselves. And with a mobile and internet connection, you can watch sports from anywhere.

Verizon seems to make this process extra smooth. All the football fans out there will love using NFL. Besides, Verizon has made exclusive packages, especially for NFL enthusiasts. So, if your first question is “does Verizon NFL mobile use data,” find out the answer here.

The policy

A few days back, the policy of Verizon was modified by itself. And right now, Verizon users can effortlessly view all NFL games without even paying any charges on the respective mobile application. It is because zero rates are offered to the NFL app. And this means that even the data will not be utilized.

Additionally, FreeBee data will be shown on the users’ Verizon account. And this can be put to use by the users for watching their favorite NFL games.

The NFL app is also available on the play store, and if you are unable to find it, you need to update the Google Play Store to its latest version.

What are the facts?

As per Verizon, there is no need to use data by the users to watch their favorite games. Additionally, the best games can be watched by the users, and also, they can live stream on multiple channels like ESPN, FOX, NFL, CBS, and NBC networks. The best part is that any users will not have to invest any extra penny or waste any mobile data just because they want to enjoy NFL games.

If your question is, “does Verizon NFL mobile use data,” then you need to know that this latest policy is available only for the users who make use of post-paid Verizon wireless on the LTE connection network. But even these users cannot download or browse free of cost as cellular data will be charged for these purposes. Nevertheless, you need to remember that it will add bill credit with a promise to improve data usage.

Also, it is said that this data exposure is ideal for times when you do not want to view unnecessary ads during recorded and live NFL games and videos and waste your data. But you must know that this policy can be changed anytime by Verizon.

Therefore, the users are recommended to keep on checking the site for detailed information. At the same time, you will also have to make a subscription to the Verizon video package to view NFL games or videos for free. However, Verizon NFL mobile costs $10 as additional charges.

Customer support and plans

And talking about the plan, everything depends on the number of NFL games a user desires to watch. Firstly, you can get connected to the customer representative of Verizon because they will be able to recommend you with better options to satisfy your NFL enthusiasm. Additionally, the resolution will also rely on the plan you opted for watching games or videos on the NFL.

And still, if you feel unsure about the pack to choose from, you can use a responsive online data calculator that is available on the official website of Verizon. The calculator helps you make better decisions.

For example, if you want to use the NFL Mobile application to watch videos and games, about 17MBs will be priced for about every 15 minutes. Nevertheless, no one surely knows about the exact Verizon NFL mobile data usage when it comes to watching an NFL game.

Who does not need to worry?

There is no need for you to worry if you have already opted for a video subscription worth $10. Also, make sure that you have a 4G connection while watching games, and if you think that your 4G is creating a problem in Verizon, look for effective fixes.

Moreover, if you are a post-paid Verizon connection user, there is nothing for you to worry about, and you can enjoy the NFL games and videos peacefully free of cost.


The users of Verizon are rapidly rising. And it has become a robust platform that offers plenty of services to its clients, right from calls to messages. And also, football devotees too can enjoy their favorite game on the NFL mobile application free of cost or with little charge. However, this policy can be changed by Verizon anytime, so it is necessary to keep an eye on the website for updates.