How to activate the secret floating ball on your Xiaomi mobile


Today we are going to teach you one of the great tricks that you can do on your Xiaomi mobile, and that is not too well known since access to it is something hidden within the settings of your terminal. Still, the truth is that it is a feature that can be very useful, especially if you have a smartphone with a large screen.

It is about the floating ball, a kind of shortcut that now we will talk to you in-depth so that you know this secret Xiaomi trick, which is not that it is impossible to find, but many people indeed pass it. Overlooked in the settings menu, let’s take a look at it!

Floating ball, what is it, and what is this Xiaomi trick for?

The floating ball is an addition that Xiaomi introduced a few years ago in its devices, and that allows us to have a ball-shaped button on the surface, in a floating way, through which we will be able to perform a series of quick functions that, usually they would give us a little more work.

It is a kind of MIUI trick that allows us not to have to resort to buttons or gestures, as well as to perform other actions by pressing the physical buttons, such as taking a screenshot or even launching the application you select. And the best of all is that it does not take up space, since it can be hidden on one side and, while we are not using it, it becomes transparent, so it will not steal space on the screen.

It is one of those MIUI secrets that is extremely useful if you have a mobile with a large screen since you will not need to pick up the mobile in another way or use the other hand to carry out this type of task.

How to activate and configure the floating ball on your Xiaomi?

Activating the floating ball of your Xiaomi is quite simple, although it is a bit hidden. To do this, you have to go to the Settings application, and once there, click on Additional Settings and then on Floating Ball. Once here, you can configure everything concerning this ball.

Here, you can activate the option to move the ball to the side in full screen so that it does not disturb us when we play or watch a video, as well as the possibility that it hides after three seconds of inactivity. As you can see, Xiaomi tries to make this function not bother you.

On the other hand, we can also select which shortcuts we want to appear in this floating ball, going through system settings, quick settings, or even applications, so that you can configure it and select only what is most important to you.

As a bonus, you can choose that instead of pressing to activate the ball and then pressing again to select the button in question, you need to slide from the ball to access the different elements.