The classic Gothic will return with a remake that will be released next year on PC and the next generation of consoles.

The classic Gothic will return with a remake

THQ Nordic has announced its intention to bring back the classic Gothic with a remake prepared by a company’s studio based in Barcelona. The news is made official after a free playable teaser that he published on Steam last December, and that was available to anyone who had a Piranha Bytes game or the Gothic saga.

The purpose was to see if the community wanted to see this project go ahead. This led more than 180,000 players to install this kind of demo and hence encouraged them to participate in a survey to find out if the game had been to their liking or not.

The result was quite favorable, according to the data provided by THQ Nordic in this PDF. It can be seen that the survey was available until last Sunday, and in it, more than 43,000 people participated, of which 94.8% gave their approval for this remake to be developed.

The classic Gothic will return with a remake 1

In addition, some of the questions asked had to do with the animations, the interface, the sounds, or the controls, and in all these sections, the majority of responses were also quite favorable. Even on Steam, thousands of published opinions have shown their satisfaction with this future remake.

Given these results, there is no doubt that the community wants to see this new version of Gothic. However, THQ Nordic has indicated that we better be patient because it will not go on sale, at the earliest, until 2021, and it will be on PC and the next-generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox X Series.