3 Things Developers Need to Understand About the IOS App Store



When it comes to developing an app, it’s easy to focus on the early stages such as writing the code and creating the visuals. In fact, this is only half the battle. To see true success, you need to launch your app in the correct way and ensure it reaches your target customers.

How can this be done? The key is to understand the platform your app is being sold on. The most popular digital marketplace for apps is Apple’s App Store. Unlocking the secrets of this platform is essential if you want your app to succeed. We’ve listed three things that developers need to understand about the iOS App Store. Check them out below.

App Ranking

The App Store has a catalogue of millions of different apps. To help users efficiently browse the collection, Apple sorts these apps into various lists. Generally, users won’t scroll very far down these lists, only paying attention to apps that are ranked near the top.

This means that getting your app high on these lists should be a top priority. How can this be done? First, you need to understand the App Store ranking system. The App Store takes several things into consideration when ranking apps, namely the number of downloads and the reviews. The more downloads or the more positive reviews an app has, the higher it will appear in the charts.

If your app is new, it can be difficult to secure the downloads and reviews required to establish a good position in the charts. This is why so many developers are choosing to buy reviews iOS, this can give their app the head start it needs to set it on the path to success.

Revenue Sharing

The app development process can be exceedingly expensive. It requires a team of highly trained experts working over a period of many months or even years.

For this reason, it’s important that you ensure you are making a return on your initial investment. The App Store will take a cut of every sale you make, so understanding how this process works is essential.

On the App Store, developers get a 70% cut of a sale, while the platform takes 30% for itself. This might seem a little expensive, but it’s worth it to get access to the App Store’s rapidly expanding market, which paid out $320 billion to developers over the past year.

Home Page Features

As well as listing apps on charts, the App Store also features certain apps on the platform’s home page. With over 1.6 million apps available on the platform, getting your app featured on the home page can be a fantastic way of making it stand out from the crowd.

While reviews and downloads are important when looking to get your app featured on the home page, the App Store will also assess an app’s uniqueness, innovative qualities, and its user interface. This is why the initial development stage is so important, it’s a process that cannot be rushed or completed half-heartedly.