Top 23 List of Sites Like PrimeWire for a Smoother Streaming Experience

Sites Like PrimeWire
Sites Like PrimeWire

PrimeWire offered a vast directory of streaming sources as a website with connections to movies and TV shows. However, this website was finally taken down by authorities after having millions of views per month. The PrimeWire app features a vast library of original content and frequent updates with the newest movies and TV series for free hd streaming.

The fact that PrimeWire is an unlawful service in most nations to watch movies online, however, is its major flaw. Moreover, streaming is not secure on the service. This is a carefully compiled list of the top websites that are safe and legal to stream movies online for free. So, take a look at some of the best sites like PrimeWire in this article!

Why Choose Sites Like Primewire?

PrimeWire offers well-known movies and tv shows from video streaming services and enables you to watch free movies. You may also explore the categories or search the archives to find the one you are looking for to get free hd streaming.

However, people refrain from using the website to watch movies due to several reasons, one being its credibility. Due to copyright infringement and safety issues, authorities have shut down the website. However, you have plenty of primewire alternatives to watch movies online for free.

No matter how good the website is or the variety you get, as long as you don’t get legitimate content, it is better to avoid such sites. There are plenty of safe and legal sites like PrimeWire 2023 to watch your favorite movies online for free.

Best 23 Sites Like Primewire

Here’s a list of the sites like PrimeWire with popular movies that can offer a much better experience for you while streaming movies online.

1. IMDb TV


One well-liked free streaming movies service run by Amazon is IMDb TV. It merely plays a minute of adverts throughout the whole movie rather than charging the customer to view. However, you must register to access one of the best movie streaming sites.

You can also make a watchlist on the website that permits you to register to view hd movies later. With categories like drama, family, and biography, you may look up the rating of your favorite movies online.

The website lets you search for watching movies online using criteria like top-rated, popular, or recently broadcast on TV. Devices supported to watch tv shows and movies include Android, iOS, Fire TV, Roku, and PCs.

2. Hulu


The newest and most popular TV series, great films, and unrestricted instant streaming movies are all available on the media streaming service Hulu. You may access the biggest collection of the latest movies on this streaming service without seeing any commercials.

You download a movie or tv show from the website, similar to Primewire, and view them offline or watch movies online. This PrimeWire substitute provides live TV with more than 65 popular channels. With 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage, it enables you to record Live TV and watch hd movies.

Roku, Mac or PC, iOS, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire Stick, etc., are just a few of the supported gadgets to watch tv series online. With the variety of streaming alternatives available, Hulu is one of the greatest all-in-one solutions that offers hd movies online.

3. Netflix


The industry leader in streaming movies and tv series services is Netflix, and it is one extremely popular Chromecast app. It is the perfect platform for streaming the latest movies because it gives consumers access to top-notch Web programs, films, and tv series online.

The platform provides an amazing streaming experience by delivering shows in a variety of languages and offers high-quality, unique material. What’s more, Netflix offers commercial-free streaming of the latest movies. It also enables mobile downloads of its content to watch movies offline.

It offers a remarkable variety of content, including tv shows online, with newer works often replacing older ones. For those prepared to shell out top dollar, Netflix is a premium service for movies, and tv show ads are free. It is also one of the few streaming platforms that offer both offline downloading and 4K and HDR streaming.

4. YouTube


Introducing YouTube is unnecessary as it’s among the most well-liked websites for watching free movies online. There are several channels available on the site to view legal movies and tv shows online in addition to user-uploaded content. You will most likely find any digital movie or classic tv shows here.

Every device you own, including a TV, Laptop, tablet, and phone, may be used to access YouTube to watch movies and tv shows online for free. There are a few things you need to be aware of, even if accessing YouTube material doesn’t need registration.

You will see advertisements while watching, and occasionally, uploaded movies and episodes may be withdrawn suddenly. It’s still a fantastic free choice to watch free movies and one of the best sites like PrimeWire 2023. If you have a tv show in mind, you may probably find it here.

5. Roku


Another well-known free video streaming service that doesn’t require registration is Roku. Streaming movies is also possible across all of your devices. Installing the program will get you started watching the movies and tv shows that are available on Roku directly via your phone.

Although the Roku app is quite user-friendly and responsive, there are still a lot of undiscovered tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Some of Netflix’s most popular shows are among the remarkable array of entertainment Roku has to offer.

You will see in-video advertising while watching movies and tv shows online despite the superb video quality. Even yet, by paying a small fee to access free hd movies, movie buffs can access the latest release movies, and it is one of the best primewire alternatives.



With the free streaming website XUMO, movie buffs watch live and recorded TV shows online. There is no need to register to watch movies, and you get access to more than 190 channels. The On Demand section of the free streaming service displays all of its accessible channels in orderly sections.

You may choose the movies and tv shows you want to watch by quickly browsing through the collection. Holiday Hub, Comedy, TV & Movies, and more are available in hd quality. The Immortal and The Lone Ranger are among the many options you get to watch when you choose American Classics from the TV & Movies menu.

You can find a substantial selection of films and television series available on XUMO. You can watch free movies along with reaping the greatest part of the entire experience of no advertising like primewire.

7. HBO Max


HBO Max is an independent streaming service to watch movies that includes everything about HBO as well as more TV shows, blockbuster films, and brand-new Max Originals. Home Box Office, together with its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, offers a streaming service named HBO Max.

Apart from extra content from the Warner Bros. library, it is where practically all of HBO’s high-end movies and tv shows can be found. HBO Max also airs every new HBO or Warner film, either immediately or shortly after it opens in theatres. May 2020 saw the service’s initial introduction in the US, largely displacing the two more established streaming services HBO Now and HBO Go.

More than 50 nations already use the program. HBO Max provides all the best features seen in other video streaming sites, such as mobile offline download compatibility, hd movies, up to five simultaneous streams, audio description support, and contemporary applications.

8. Disney+


Disney+ is a fully-fledged streaming service that combines a huge number of Disney’s media brands, including material from Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars. Disney still makes its most recent movies available on this service. Disney+ offers cutting-edge features, including 4K streaming and offline downloads along with hd quality.

The service is an appealing choice for families because it supports four concurrent streams and seven configurable profile features. However, the parental control choices offered require more flexibility to watch movies.

Although Disney+’s base tier now has advertisements, its monthly cost is cheap, given the amount of material that can be watched again. You must purchase a more expensive tier to get rid of ads and download videos for offline watching. If you choose an annual plan, you can save plenty on the subscription to stream your favorite movie or tv series.

9. Peacock


NBCUniversal owns the well-known American streaming service Peacock. It offers a large number of superb free movies in Full HD. Several outstanding films, including cult classics and modern comedies, are available to view without cost.

The majority of new films and Peacock Originals are paywalled. The lack of a purple feather indicates a free movie. There are no alternatives for subtitles, and Peacock only provides dubbed movies for foreign languages.

If you enjoy foreign films, you might not like this movie streaming site. The Peacock app is available for download for free hd streaming. To access Peacock material, you must create an account, and doing it outside of the US requires a VPN.


With millions of videos, is a huge website and one of the top primewire alternatives. There aren’t going to be any well-known movies and tv shows because individuals upload videos and submit the majority of the content. The site nevertheless has a large number of popular movies available online for free, even if the content is user-uploaded.

All content is accessible online for free, with more than 6,000 full movies. The majority of these motion pictures are not the latest released movies but more than 70 years old public domain films. You can use the search bar to find a movie plot to see a vintage science fiction or horror movie from the 1930s or 1940s.

You may also find your favorite movies, home videos, stock footage, and a variety of user-generated content, some of them providing free hd streaming. It is one of the top sites, like primewire, where you can choose to watch movies and tv shows for unlimited instant streaming.

11. Open Culture

Open Culture

If you want to watch a movie, more than 1,000 online movies are available on Open Culture, which is a free online video streaming platform. You can watch free movies online without an app for streaming devices or registering on the platform. The website’s author has carefully selected each piece of material.

For people who are interested in learning about other cultures, there is a wide variety of Russian classics and Korean films on the platform. In addition, you may find antique classic suspense films, silent movies, and Hollywood classics. You can quickly determine whether to view a title by reading the small introduction note that is included with each one.

The majority of the information produced by Open Culture is not stored on the website. You may browse through many movie listings and then use a link to see a different website’s version of the selected free movies. Nevertheless, titles that are frequently hard to get could be found. Also, there are specialized collections of Charlie Chaplin and Andrei Tarkovsky films as well as Oscar-winning films.

12. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online is one of the fascinating movie sites where you can watch popular movies. You can browse movies from a variety of feature films, short films, and documentaries. Virtually all of the content on the website is original and is one of the top choices for watching movies online for free. All the content on the platform is hosted on other websites.

This website offers you one simple location to locate content by embedding videos from different video streaming websites. But you should know that this website has plenty of pop-up advertisements. Before the webpage for a title appears, you might need to click on it multiple times to access the real content.

The first clicks will just advertise. Movies Found Online is an excellent place to find difficult-to-find movies online, even if these features often raise questions about the site’s reliability. You can watch movies online for free on this site using the movie thumbnail to find your favorite one.

13. Film Chest

Film Chest

Film Chest specializes in restoring and preserving vintage movies. The website has a straightforward user experience and is easy to use to watch free movies online free. There are currently more than 2,000 films on the website. The firm does, however, also restore these free movies.

You can discover certain movies on Film Chest that have greater visual quality than those on other websites. While the majority of all the movies are classics from the 1930s and 1940s, there are also more international films available to watch movies online for free. With a click of the play movie button, you can watch full movies on this site, like primewire streaming servers.

You will receive the hd quality because these movies have been restored. Finding movies online that are currently accessible might be difficult because many of the links on the website are broken.

14. MyBundle Tv

MyBundle Tv

You can manage your streaming server expenses, get individualized suggestions, create unique Watchlists, and instantly find movies and tv Shows from all of your providers on MyBundle.TV. By creating a free MyBundle.TV Profile and entering your existing streaming subscriptions, you may also access free episodes and watch movies online for free.

It is one of the top options for a free provider with a huge selection of movies and tv shows. The MyBundle.TV website also offers a streaming service that you may use on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Spanish, tv series online, general entertainment, sports, news, the latest movies online, and more are all included in the content. You may also receive more movies and tv shows as the site is currently working on expanding its channels.

15. Documentary Mania

Documentary Mania

Another excellent website for finding free instructional videos is Documentary Mania. The websites Vimeo, MVGroup,  and YouTube, among others, are the sources of these movies. The crucial contribution of Documentary Mania is the addition of subtitles, which makes it simple for viewers who are deaf or have hearing issues to enjoy the experience as everyone else.

This is in addition to classifying videos into appropriate categories. An additional unique feature of the website is the section for 3D documentaries. You may not get tv series online, but it includes a vast selection of high-quality 3D films covering a variety of themes.

From the world of seas to the world of aviation and rainforests are all available on the site. Apart from these, the website also has sections for culture, science, history, nature, nature, medicine, art, and technology. These categories and their subcategories each have more levels.

16. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free app where users may watch movies and TV series that are accessible for torrent download since it is developed utilizing the BitTorrent protocol. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including Android and iOS ones.

The program has an intuitive user interface, and shows and movies are listed with thumbnail graphics. Although it is lawful, the software gives users access to copyrighted information. Therefore, you must be careful to only use it with a movie or tv series that are not protected by copyright.

ISPs may impose fines on users who watch movies online free from the protected content without a VPN connection. So, it is advised to tread with care while streaming movies on the site.

17. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films (TDF) is the only place to go if you enjoy documentaries and watch free movies online. The daily addition of new independent films and documentaries brings the total number of published documentaries on TDF to over 3,000, the majority of which are feature-length docs.

These free movies are divided into 25 distinct categories, are keyword searchable, can be sorted by rating, comments, and title, and, most importantly, are up for debate. It is difficult to find this kind of instructional material.

Top Documentary Films does not host any free movies on its servers; instead, it just embeds them. There is no sign-up or login process, and the service is free. Each documentary has an area for comments as well as a thorough summary of the content.

18. Criterion Channel

Criterion Channel

Among primewire alternatives, the Criterion Collection presents the Criterion Channel. It is a streaming movie service with unique features that offers classics and discoveries from across the world. It is an independent streaming movie service.

The Criterion streaming library has more than 1,000 significant classic and modern films. In addition, you can watch free movies online from the regularly updated collection of Hollywood, foreign, art-house, and independent films from major studios and dozens of independent distributors.

It also shows the description of each of the films to make it easier for you to decide to watch movies online. Many of the films on The Criterion Channel’s varied selection of classic and modern movies from Hollywood and throughout the world are only accessible there.

19. Fandor


Fandor is a streaming movies site like PrimeWire that lets you watch films online, including independent ones. You can use Roku or Chromecast, as well as a variety of other devices like an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or Kindle Fire, to stream directly to your TV.

The site showcases tens of thousands of independent movies, documentaries, and classic movies from all over the world, with a commitment to the preservation of cinema’s art and culture. They often add new titles to their collection thanks to collaborators and independent filmmakers. You get access to excellent, hand-selected movies.

The aim is to create a community of movie fans and creators who are bonded by memorable and enjoyable cinematic experiences. There are dozens of genres, from comedy to drama to science fiction to rare jewels in monster features, Pre-Code, avant-garde, and grindhouse. The website also has hd quality movie styles you know and love in comedy, drama, film noir, and humor.

20. Western Mania

Western Mania

Although the program has a bit of an early 2000s vibe, if you are a movie buff who enjoys vintage Western movies, this is a site you just must see to watch free movies from that era. All of the movies accessible on this website are free and credible. Simply choose your favorite Western movie from a small library of films that are accessible to view legally.

You may use a movie image button to donate to the project if you would like to help them sustain it. On the website, you may watch movies in a video window while reading about the director, the year the movie was made, the cast, and other fun facts about the film.

It is a free primewire alternative that offers free streaming movies collection from the popular vintage era, like John Wayne films and spaghetti westerns. It also has western TV shows like Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger, and Tales of Wells Fargo.

21. CuriosityStream


CuriosityStream is an American media organization and subscription-based service, and it is one of the best primewire alternatives. It streams movies online that provide content for documentaries in the form of movies, TV series, and other media.

Across a variety of categories, such as Science, History, Lifestyle, Kids, Nature, Society, and Technology, the site offers a significant selection of educational and entertaining documentary films. Whether they’re at home or on the road, those who want to learn about a subject may use the website.

CuriosityStream doesn’t show adverts and allows you to download movies for mobile devices with hd quality. You can access the app on mobile devices, including Android and iOS, game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; streaming media players like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku; and smart TVs.

22. Crackle


The finest website for viewing free movies is Crackle. In addition to Crackle Originals, it features a sizable collection of high-caliber free movies from across the globe. Without making an account or providing any registration information, you may view movies and tv series on Crackle. You can watch free movies like primewire from large studios like Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, and TriStar Pictures; all have content that Crackle is permitted to host legally.

The streaming service has a sophisticated website and is professional. The content streams in 1080p Full HD quality. The genre-based movie library is updated each month. If you’re looking for a certain title, there is a search bar. Also, you may create a watchlist, but only after creating an account.

The quantity of advertisements on Crackle is a concern. Up to six different non-skippable advertisements may appear during a break while you stream movies and tv shows. It amounts to three minutes every break at 30 seconds each. If you reside outside of the US and want to access Crackle, you will need a VPN.

23. Family Movie Classics (FMC)

Family Movie Classics

Family Movie Classics (FMC) is a cable and satellite television network in the United States that belongs to the Family Broadcasting Company. The network shows old movies and tv series to watch online and promotes itself as a source of great entertainment for viewers with a massive collection of movies starring the top names in Hollywood history.

You may view free movies online, like primewire, that are grouped into major genres. There are independent and public domain films categorized as adventure, thriller, horror, and other genres. You may view a few free TV series online in addition to free streaming movies on the site.

There are more than a dozen genres available in movies and tv series, such as fan films, stand-up comedy, action, science fiction, Westerns, and war. You may either explore the hundreds of titles for free streaming movies or choose tv serials or some movies in the Short Films category.


1. Are websites that compete with Primewire legal?

Absolutely, if you are watching movies and TV series in the public domain, Primewire alternatives are legal. Hulu, CuriosityStream, Xumo, Fandor, IMDb TV, and other such websites are online streaming sites that are safe and legit, although some of them can’t be used for free streaming movies.

2. Where can I watch movies online for free without having to register?

You may watch free movies online without creating an account at Peacock, YouTube, Crackle, Top Documentary Films, and other websites on this list. You can also watch tv series online on some of these sites.

3. Is similar to PrimeWire?

A website with a large selection of free movies, including both new indie films and cult oldies, is which is quite similar to PrimeWire. These movies are embedded in websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or However, they are not hosted on these websites. So, you are free to binge on any content you choose. Most significantly, there is never any advertising.

4. Can you stream for free on FilmRise?

A more recent streaming service called FilmRise has hundreds of free films. You can also watch tv shows on the site, which is free to access and provides a large selection of movies and shows. Featured, Reality, Classic, New Releases, Documentaries, tv series, and other genres are only a few of FilmRise’s subcategories.

5. Can you stream movies on TVPlayer?

UK-based TVPlayer is a movie streaming service that offers several premium channels. The website provides applications for most platforms in addition to a web-based user experience. Those who sign up for a free account can view free-to-air networks with fewer ad interruptions. Yet, the free service mainly offers limited channels. Full access to more than 80 channels, on-demand streaming, and the capacity to record live TV are all included in the premium subscription.