Business Models That Depend On Web Scraping


Business Models That Depend On Web Scraping

Information is the most important resource in 2023. With modern businesses fighting over the best sources of relevant data, companies dedicate their resources to constantly gathering knowledge all over the web.

There are many reasons to aggregate data on the web. Businesses with online shops and social media platforms track customers to better understand their motives and browsing patterns. The most important method of data acquisition is web scraping, which uses automated bots to collect information from visited websites. Once the software has the extracted code, it organizes information into data sets. They can be used to discover unusual trends and statistical outliers from the average user behavior or train Artificial Intelligence.

As IT specialists look for new ways to revolutionize and automate work output with machine learning, the importance of data collection is at an all-time high. Also, gathered information has a lot of applications, with some of them being helpful for the average internet user.

In 2023, good data science experts often collaborate to create aggregator websites that pique their interest. Avid travelers that are data science experts can build systems that collect information from airline and booking websites to find the best deals for travelers. Also, finding real estate through similar websites has become a common practice, which gives visitors options to filter buy and find the best deals.

In this article, we will discuss the impact of web scraping, and how data science experts that build upon this skill create successful businesses. You will learn about several popular business models based on data aggregation, and which options are most successful. On top of that, we will cover the best web scraping strategies that help these companies scale up data collection. For example, businesses often collect information about traveling opportunities with a Google Hotel API. It uses proxy servers to mask the IP address of their connections and protects many instances of the Google Hotel API with unique identities. This way, an aggregator company can automatically collect data from many sources. If one of them decides to block the IP that sends connection requests, a new identity will quickly replace it. For more information on such tools, check out Smartproxy – one of the best proxy server providers with informative blog articles on web scraping.

Travel aggregators

Travel has sensitive pricing that often fools gullible customers into paying too much for overpriced plane tickets and hotel booking. With the help of travel aggregator websites, clients can see the best available deals and sort them by different criteria. Data collection experts collect information from the most notable competitors and show you their best deals.

By creating an aggregator business you can stop price gouging and level the playing field in the travel industry. Once the website generates enough visitors, the airline and booking agency notice the influence of the aggregator. Then, they have two responses – stop trying to fool customers and offer the best possible services instead or offer you payment via affiliate partnership.

With travel aggregators, there are many opportunities to expand. If your page is a go-to choice for travelers around the world, you can continue to grow with informative articles and reviews of your clients. Alongside the presentation of the best available options, the visitor can learn about each provider and the consistency of their services. You, as the owner of the business, can offer extra publicity for your top affiliate partner. The opportunities are endless. Everything starts with a well-functioning web scraping machine.

Property listing aggregators

Even for more stagnant markets like real estate, aggregator businesses bring more visibility to the most valuable deals in similar ways to travel aggregator companies. While there are also opportunities for extra treatment for sellers that are ready to pay more to appear on top, real estate aggregators make the landscape of property much more competitive.

As owners need to work harder to make their property seem more attractive. With many parameters to dictate the value of the real estate, websites offer comfortable filtering opportunities. Additional criteria that change the positioning of real estate increase the relevancy of the page, making it a go-to option for potential buyers.

How aggregators scrape the web

For massive data collection businesses that display information about thousands of products, it must have many web scraping bots firing at all cylinders. However, data collection software generates too many connection requests. If all of them can be traced back to the same IP address, they will surely get banned.

To protect the company and its network identity, modern businesses use residential proxy servers, that have millions of unique IPs. With them, an aggregator business can hide hundreds of web scrapers. Also, with the best proxy server providers offer sophisticated tools to aid the process. For example, residential proxies with a rotating option change the IP address after a few connections, making sure that none of the identities attract too much attention.


Aggregator businesses are a great way to make money, and the best data science experts find the most profitable ways to collect, use, and sell information. With the help of proxy servers, aggregator businesses can collect data and earn money without interruptions.