The new Yoko Taro is played with cards: the creator of NieR presents his next RPG, Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

There are several examples of great creative minds in the world of video games. All in all, the amount of models that we can find in Japan is almost endless, and one of the most prominent representatives is Yoko Taro. The creator of the saga, NieR, and Drakengard, is already working on their next title.

This was announced by Square Enix itself, revealing that the game’s name is Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. Just a 24-second teaser accompanies the announcement, along with the description that we are facing a “unique RPG that presents a charming story completely represented by cards .”

We have Yoko Taro himself as a creative director, while the executive director will be Yosuke Saito, who has also worked on the NieR saga. Keiichi Okabe will provide the music, and the character design will come from the imagination of Kimihiko Fujisaka, who participated in the Drakengard franchise.

“This new title will spark the imagination of players and open their minds to a different way of telling stories as the narrative unfolds,” the statement concluded. We are left without dates or platforms, although Yoko Taro has been in charge of pointing out that it is not a new Drakengard game or an experience focused on the social section.