A new mod for NieR: Automata on PC improves all its graphics by updating more than 300 textures

A new mod for NieR

It’s never the wrong time to re-embody 2B and once again enjoy the greatness of NieR: Automata, especially since a new mod has just been released in the PC version that will make the game look even better, updating, in general, all its graphic section.

This is possible thanks to a texture pack that GPUnity has been working on since the title was published four years ago. Exactly what it does is improve more than 300 textures for numerous aspects of the scenarios and the main characters, such as 2B and A2, although that entails a slight drop in performance.

In the video that you have located above these lines, you can check the result, which shows us a series of comparative sequences with the original aspect of the adventure together with these graphic changes introduced.

Even so, those who do not have a powerful enough computer can also access another version of the mod designed for this type of machine. If this is your case, you can access its free download from here.