Nine years it has taken a user to be the first to open the secret door of Tibia

There are many long-lived MMORPGs, with ‘ World of Warcraft ‘ being one of them, but there are many more, like ‘ Tibia. ‘ The title was developed by CipSoft, a study formed by a group of four German students, in 1997. For almost 20 years, the game has been active with thousands of players and with 74 servers that anyone can access for free.

Getting to discover all the secrets that MMORPGs hide can seem impossible, especially those more challenging. In the case of ‘Tibia,’ a mystery has been the most significant incentive for players to continue playing since everyone wanted to discover what was hidden behind a wooden door that only those who had level 999 could access.

Even though almost 20 years have passed since ‘Tibia’ has been active, no one has reached that high level except Kharsek. On August 1 was a live broadcast made through Twitch because he was about to be the first person in the world to open the mysterious wooden door, something that has cost him a whopping nine years.

However, Kharsek preferred to continue gaining experience and open the door when he reached level 1000, so he left users hanging with the question of what will be behind it. However, the next day a user casts a spell on him that allows him to see where another person is on the map and verified that he traveled through a portal to Schrödinger’s Island, a name given to him by the players themselves as he was a place that its creators had never talked about.

The mystery that remains unsolved

The mystery that remains unsolved

Now that Kharsek is the only player who has opened the door, the thousands of users who play ‘Tibia’ have been waiting for him to tell everything he has discovered. Unfortunately, he has flatly refused and decided to keep it a secret, which has caused users by dozens of theories and rumors to be enraged, most pointing to that Kharsek has worked secretly with CipSoft to promote the game…

Other accusations have gone even further, ensuring that the feat carried out by Kharsek is almost impossible for an average person and that to achieve it, he has had to use external programs or the help of other people who have used his account, something that is prohibited according to the game terms.

Even so, others defend him, stating that if Kharsek has remained silent, it is because he has not endured that so many people did not stop bothering him with his rise to level 999. Who knows the reasons that have led him to do what he has done? Because he may be waiting for the right moment to teach the mystery of the door, or he may never do so.

The mystery that remains unsolved 1

What is clear is that one of the greatest mysteries of video games continues to keep people divided for and against this whole situation, and it does not seem that it will change until someone manages to reach that crazy level.

Why hasn’t anyone else succeeded

If Kharsek has been the only one to achieve level 999, it is for something. Mainly because the amount of experience it requires is insane. Climbing from level 19 to 20 requires 15,400 experience points and the maximum that can be obtained from an enemy is 35,000 experience points.

Another example is that upon reaching level 50, a player has achieved 1,847,000 experience points or 15,694,800 at level 100. And to go from level 998 to 999? Well, nothing more and nothing less than 49,650,700 experience points, which is the same as going up from level 1 to 145.

One of the ‘Tibia’ players with level 500 has declared that if he played two hours a day, he would not reach level 999 for another seven years and four months, so you can get an idea of ​​the number of hours that will have to be dedicated Kharsek to him. Also, the problem is that every time you die, the game takes away a great deal of experience. Karasek was killed at level 989, lost everything he had achieved during 13 days of play, and dropped to level 986.

Currently, the player closest to opening the wooden door is 60 levels away from achieving it. The question is, will that user show the mystery of ‘Tibia’? Or maybe the creators will contact him to keep his mouth shut? Many secrets are hidden in this whole thing, and it does not seem that we will discover them for a long time.