They discover almost four years later a new secret ending of NieR Automata that allows you to skip the entire game

They discover almost four years later a new secret ending of NieR Automata that allows you to skip the entire game

Life gives you surprises. When nothing could make us think that NieR Automata was hiding a new secret from us, it went and planted one almost four years after its launch. Yoko Taro’s work has become one of the benchmarks of the past generation, and the dedication of his followers to the title is absolute.

In 2017, it was clear to the entire community that NieR Automata had many endings, more than a dozen. The usual thing is to beat the game several times to obtain different results and get the definitive resolution of the story. However, what if you found out that there is a trick to skip the entire game?

This is the great secret that the user has managed to find out Lance McDonald. This is a person closely related to the world of mods and data mining, which, after “hundreds of hours,” has unearthed a hidden code.

Soon I will make a complete video. Eo. I found a cheat code in NieR Automata that allows you to jump to the last ending immediately after killing the first boss and unlocking the bonus modes. It is not an error; it is an actual cheat-code encoded in the engine.

Through his Twitter account first and with a video on his YouTube account later, he has shown the method to perform this trick. The first thing to do is overcome the entire initial part of the game until you can talk to 9S after defeating Marx.

Once at this point and without going any further, you have to stand between some barrels and make a combination of buttons. In this way, the game will allow us to skip the rest of the title and go directly to the final part.

The thing does not end here. In addition, we will unlock the “debug” mode, which allows us to carry out simulations with all kinds of enemies of our choice. The also chapter selector be opened, and the ability to sacrifice our save data will, an option reserved for E-ending.

McDonald’s friend assures that through a long time reverse-engineering the code NieR Automata; he managed to find out this well-hidden secret. Yoko Taro has even confirmed that what the modder did is accurate, and it is a trick that has not been discovered so far.