Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is announced for Nintendo Switch, an edition with more weapons, final bosses, zones and much more

Deaths Gambit

The launch of Death’s Gambit occurred almost three years ago on PS4 and PC, and soon the title of White Rabbit will head to Nintendo Switch with a special edition called Death’s Gambit: Afterlife, which will include improvements a good amount of news.

You have to look at its presentation trailer to see some of the content that will be added. Among them will be 22 new weapons to wield along with more than a hundred talents that will go a long way in taking down the sinister enemies in this 2D action RPG with a pixel-art twist.

There will also be a world expansion with ten new zones, six final bosses to defeat, and multiple endings to unlock, so those who have already enjoyed the original title will have the perfect excuse to return to this sinister world in which we will control a soldier. In search of the immortality that hides in the kingdom of Sarandon.

Specifically, we will be an agent of Death to end some guardians to purge their souls, although the task will be the most complicated. In this sense, its creators acknowledge having been inspired by Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus when developing the game, so now we only have to wait for the exact date on which it will arrive on Nintendo Switch to be confirmed.