They sell a photo of a PS5 printed on a folio for $ 499 as a trap for bots … and they seem to bite

They sell a photo of a PS5 printed on a folio for 499

Getting a PS5 has become more complicated than looking for a needle in a haystack because consoles fly in a matter of seconds as soon as they are released in stores. To stay tuned for the launch of a unit, some follow accounts sales bot that notifies you as soon as one is available.

However, some have wanted to take advantage of the situation to make fun of these bots or anyone who cannot read. As we can see in a couple of images corresponding to an advertisement for a PS5 that has been put on sale, a user is selling it for $ 499 plus shipping, which the console costs, but the best of all is that it is just a sheet of paper.

In the ad’s title and description, it is ideally indicated that it is an image of a PS5 printed on a sheet of paper, nothing more. It is seen that the reselling bots have not noticed this essential detail and are biting when promoting the offer. What’s more, in one of the captures, we can see that even one of the two available units has been sold.

It is unclear whether it was a bot or a person who ended up spending such an amount of money on a simple sheet of paper that anyone with a printer can obtain. What’s more, the ad itself warns in its description that if you are a human being, do not buy it, while it ensures that it is an excellent offer for the bots to troll and plays a trick on them. It provides that there will be no returns because if someone falls into the trap, it is only because they cannot read, so you have to be careful with what you buy.