Want to play Half-Life: Alyx, but don’t have virtual reality glasses? This mod turns Valve’s title into a traditional FPS

Want to play Half Life

Sure, who wouldn’t want to play Half-Life: Alyx. Valve’s work was not only crowned one of the best games ever made for VR, but it was also on the shortlist of candidates to win the GOTY of 2020. Serious thing.

However, the title requires a virtual device: virtual reality glasses. Perhaps, for this reason, many users, including a server, have not had the opportunity to get the hang of it. But that is going to end.

Thanks to modder SoMNst, we’ve been able to take a look at one of his most memorable projects. The objective is to turn Half-Life: Alyx into a game that does not require a virtual reality set, expanding the potential audience.

Sonos has the help of other users to advance its plans, and after seeing it, it seems that the material is excellent. The team intends to keep all the main mechanics of Alyx, adapting them to a mouse and keyboard.

According to SoMNst itself, this update has added new animations, improved shooting, and corrected the camera’s behavior during clashes. What’s more, enemies are now more aggressive as they become a more classic FPS.

This mod does not yet have a release date, but of course, they have already gained our attention until the indicated day arrives.