Valorant introduces his new agent: Reyna, the Mexican vampire. These are your skills


Valorant introduces his new agent

Having become the talk of the community Valorant, Riot has finally unveiled the newest addition to the game’s agent roster: Reyna, a Mexican vampire with a good set of skills to emerge unscathed from any situation.

Reyna will be available when Valorant is officially released on June 2. Although the assassin is the main asset of the video that you will see below, this is also the first look at one of the new maps that will accompany the game next week.

Reyna’s abilities in Valiant

Riot has yet to reveal precisely how Reyna will be played beyond what is shown in this small preview, but it is easy to understand what is happening if you pay attention. Then we leave you with Reyna’s skills that can be seen in the video:

  • Passive: Reyna’s kills drop an orb that will affect all other abilities.
  • C: Launch an orb capable of blinding all agents’ insight. It can go through walls.
  • Q: Restore health when picking up an orb. E: Make Reyna invincible by picking up an orb.
  • X – Improves Cadence, Weapon Reload, and Skill Reload. Also, invisibility if we activate it together with E.