Valve reassures the community: they will not disable access to old versions of games on Steam

Valve reassures the community

Through the information provided by the person in charge of SteamBD, Pavel Djundik, we learned last week that the digital store already offered a beta version that included a function that, presumably, would eliminate the possibility of playing previous versions of the titles.

Last year, Valve already eliminated this function from Steam itself, but you can still go to these files from the past due to third parties. It is a possibility highly valued by different communities, such as those dedicated to collecting all versions of Minecraft. Also, from the point of view of modders or speedrunners, it is taken into account to return to old versions depending on your needs.

That is why the alarms went off, but thanks to a statement by the company to PC Gamer, the waters have calmed down. This is the text shared in the middle:

“We are not planning to disable the download of old versions. We are working on an approach to handle extreme cases involving non-proprietary content and to help our partners more easily remove versions that need to be removed for issues such as copyright problems. We’ll have more to share about our work when it’s ready to be shown. ”

It seems that Valve is only working to avoid any legal problem when it comes to allowing access to conflicting versions with copyrights. There still is no date for the official arrival of this Steam update, although we can know the notes for the beta.