WhatsApp End-To-End Encryption: What It Is And What Data Is Not Included And Can Be Seen By The App

WhatsApp end to end encryption what it is and what data is not included and can be seen by the app

We will talk to you briefly about WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption so that you know how this privacy system works. You are aware of the data that is not included and, therefore, can be seen by Meta, the owner of both Facebook and WhatsApp.

We will start by explaining to you briefly and understandably what end-to-end encryption is and why it is useful, important, and necessary for your privacy. And then, we will simply mention those data that are not included in that privacy, and that, therefore, are neither as secure nor as private as those that are encrypted.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encrypted messages are much more secure and care for your privacy better. This end-to-end encryption means that the content of a chat travels encrypted with a key. Then the application receiving the message has the key to decrypt the message.

This means that during its entire journey over the Internet, the data travels securely until decrypted by the person to whom the message reaches. With this, even if someone were to intercept and obtain that message, it would be very complicated and complex to open it and look at the conversation or the photos and videos they contain.

It’s like sending a package in a box that’s locked. The key would be encryption. If it’s unlocked, you can send the box trusting that everything goes well, but something can always happen along the way. And if the box is closed with only your key, then only you can reopen it to access its interior using that same key.

In this example, when WhatsApp communicates with another person, it creates a key on both sides, one for you and the other. The key is the same, and all that you send is in a box with the padlock with the key. In this way, not even those responsible for WhatsApp should be able to see what you write so that the conversations are theoretically more private.

WhatsApp can break encryption if someone reports you.

As WhatsApp explains on its websitewhen someone reports and denounces a chat with you, they can break the encryption. It’s like they have a master key, and when someone tells them there’s trouble, they can open the box to ensure everything is okay.

When someone issues a report about a chat, WhatsApp will access the content to analyze the content of this conversation. In this way, they will check if what is said in it violates the rules of the service and if they should suspend or impose some measure on one of the two people in the chat.

Come on; you can’t freely do what you want on WhatsApp or bother others with total impunity. If someone reports you and you have violated the rules of use of the application by sending inappropriate messages or content, you may end up without an account in the app.

What is not included in the encryption

Although chat content is encrypted by default, the data you include in your public account is not. On, WhatsApp can see the content and data you have already made public.

Specifically, WhatsApp will be able to see your name, description, and profile photo and access the names and descriptions of the groups you are in. With this, it does not mean that WhatsApp employees are spying on your location. Still, they have some automation analyzing the groups to ensure that they are not inappropriate and do not comply with rules, such as those related to child abuse.