7 apps to sell your old furniture and earn money with it


What to do with old furniture when we have bought a new one? Throw it away? Put it in a hidden corner of the house? Give it to a friend or family member? Take it to the storage room?

We have a much better idea. Sell ​​it online thanks to the multitude of applications and tools that we have available on our smartphones.

That said, download these apps and earn extra money selling all those old furniture you no longer need.

7 apps to sell your old furniture and earn money with itTop apps to sell furniture

  • Milanuncios: Second hand, motor, flats, and employment
  • Wallapop
  • Thingeer
  • todocolección – Buy, Sell, and Auctions
  • Halley: Buy or sell furniture and decoration
  • Ikea
  • Westwing – A house with style

Milanuncios: Second hand, motor, flats, and employment

Buying and selling have never been so easy, fast, and safe. Thanks to the Milanuncios app, we can not only sell and buy furniture for our home but also cars, motorcycles, renting a convertible, even track job offers, contemporary dressing table, rentals, and apartment sales,  as well as other products such as mobile phones, clothes, books, or bicycles.

A completely free app that will allow us to get rid of all those furniture that we no longer use and, incidentally, earn additional money that never hurts.


Who doesn’t know Wallapop by now? It is one of the leading apps for buying and selling second-hand, and it allows you to find any product in a very short time thanks to its search engine by-products or specific geographical areas.

With more than ten million users, Wallapop is an online marketplace for products of all kinds to buy and sell. The best of all? It is completely free.


The difference between Thingeer and other buying and selling platforms is that it is only focused on furniture. In this way, if we only want to sell our old furniture, we will find in Thingeer a powerful ally.

Thinner is an authorized sales app, and its operation is very simple. We upload the product complying with the requirements of the app, Thingeer calls us to manage the collection of the product, and they send the furniture to the buyer guaranteeing at all times that the sale is fulfilled.


todocolección is a complete app where we can find a catalog of more than 24 million unique products, either for direct sale or auction. The advantage of this app over the rest is that it is oriented towards more “vintage” products, so if we want to sell our antique furniture, this is our best option.


Halley is an app specialized in furniture and home decoration. Thanks to its simple interface and many options, buying and selling furniture is a really simple task.

As if that were not enough, Hally allows us to talk with other users and professional sellers near us, sending messages. At the same time, we chat as well as share our location to make transactions easier.


Is it necessary to introduce Ikea? Surely the most important furniture store in the world with a multitude of modern, quality furniture at unbeatable prices.

Unfortunately, Ikea does not allow you to sell furniture, but it seemed a crime to make a top of furniture apps and not include it. The total… download is free!

Westwing – A house with style

Westwing is a very popular app that allows us to buy designer furniture and accessories online with exclusive discounts of up to 70%. Westwing is one of the leading online furniture shopping platforms in the sector, so if you are a decoration lover, you can’t miss it on your smartphone.