Where To Watch The Qatar 2022 World Cup On TV, Mobile And Online


Where to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup on TV, mobile and online

We are going to explain where you will be able to follow the Qatar World Cup matches from Spain, either on TV, on your mobile, or online. On November 20, the Qatar 2022 World Cup will officially begin, which is held on an atypical date to adapt to the country’s weather, and we already know how the rights have been distributed in Spain.

As you will see below, the good news is that you can watch the matches of the Spanish team for free and open, and even the World Cup final. However, if you want to see all the matches of this World Cup you will have to pay.

Where to watch the Qatar World Cup on TV

Where to watch the Qatar World Cup on TV

You have two options to be able to watch the World Cup on TV since the rights are divided between two companies. On the one hand, RTVE has the right to broadcast the matches of the Spanish National Team, which means that you will be able to watch them live and for free on La 1. This does not change with what we had before, since by law the matches of Spain must be seen in the open.

In addition to this, on Televisión Española you will also be able to watch the opening match for free and open, the final, the semifinals, two quarterfinal matches, four rounds of 16 matches, and one from each group. Therefore, there are quite a few games that you will be able to watch for free on public television.

There is also another alternative, and that is that Movistar Plus+ will broadcast every one of the World Cup matches after having reached an agreement with Mediapro. With this, they will broadcast the 64 matches in total, including the 20 matches that are offered in the open and those of the Spanish National Team.

All the matches that can be seen on Movistar Plus+ will be done through a new 24-hour broadcast channel that will be dedicated exclusively to the tournament, and that will be available to Movistar customers who have contracted the LaLiga or All football package. The platform will also offer reports, summaries, statements by the protagonists, and analysis of the matches. And also, #Vamos por M+ will broadcast Sport+ Qatar 2022 every night and News #Vamos Qatar 2022 at noon.

And finally, there is one last payment alternative which is World Goal, a service created by Mediaset that will only exist during the World Cup. You will be able to watch all the World Cup matches for 19.99 euros through its platform, and if more than one match coincides at the same time, an extra channel will be enabled to broadcast them.

It is a paid service, although only a single payment, and it will broadcast its contents from November 20 to December 18. During that time, it will offer all the World Cup matches for your only payment, as well as other extra content to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has apps for Samsung and LG TVs, as well as Android TVs, Amazon sticks, and Chromecast.

Where to watch the Qatar World Cup on mobile and online

Where to watch the Qatar World Cup on mobile and online

The alternatives when it comes to being able to enjoy the matches from the mobile or the browser are the same. To watch RTVE matches, you can use its official website and mobile app. You can go to Rtve.es/play, or the RTVE Play app for Android on Google Play or for iOS on the App Store.

Movistar+ has not yet given more details about its special channel for all customers who have contracted soccer. However, the normal thing is that it can be seen online and from the mobile with the Movistar+ app, in Movistarplus.es, and its Android app in Google Play or for iOS in the App Store.

And the other option is still World Goal. Once you have contracted this service, you can see it through the official website golmundial.com, it is also available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets, and on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.