Xiaomi launches 2 models of dishwashers (one portable) and they are ridiculously cheap

Xiaomi does not stop launching mobile phones throughout the year, but neither does it stop launching other types of products through its sub-companies, be it its ultra-cheap backpacks of less than 5 euros or even compact treadmills to use at home. Something that can now be quite successful in this confinement situation that we are experiencing.

The fact is that the company has just launched two new smart dishwashers to save you from having to do the dishes, something that you can do better or worse, but I highly doubt that you would like to do it. And, incredibly, one of these two dishwashers is portable, which makes it a very interesting product.

This is how the new Xiaomi dishwashers are

Xiaomi has launched two new Mijia dishwashers, and these are smart, that is, they are connected to the internet so that you can control some aspects of their operation, something that we suppose can come in handy sometimes, but which also requires you to put the dishes in manually, as you can imagine.

This is how the new Xiaomi dishwashers areThe larger model has two trays, whose arms, in turn, have 28 cavities and 13 different angles so that you can put everything you want to wash, a process that will be done with pressurized water emitted by these spray arms that will take care of eject it and reach the dishes and cutlery 360 degrees, to ensure that not a single item remains unwashed.

In this one, about 64 pieces of tableware fit, so you will not need to put it all the time, but you will have time to fill it and save water and energy, with nine different washing modes that will apply different treatments as you think necessary. It also including an economy mode so you can save some energy with washes that don’t require too much pressure or water.

On the other hand, we have the smaller dishwasher, which looks like a miniature of the previous model, which can be a good option for small homes. This device would be recommended for use in washing infant and maternal material. It comes with six washing modes that include high-temperature sterilization, reaching 75 ºC, and achieving 99.99% sterilization.

This is how the new Xiaomi dishwashers are 1This miniature dishwasher has a ventilation system to dry what we have washed and reduced the growth of bacteria. The great advantage of this is that it can be installed quickly and anywhere, without the need to find a hole under the counter or to connect a water connection. Install it directly with a tap. In it, you can wash 32 pieces at a time, and it also achieves a complete wash using its 16 water spray holes.

As is usually the case with Xiaomi, the prices of these devices are very tight since the small model costs about 170 euros to change. In contrast, the price of the big one rises to, more or less, 290 euros, which is not bad at all—comparing it with its most direct competition.