14 essential travel apps: organize your trips at the best price

Our smartphones can become great allies when traveling. Whether to plan summer vacations, getaways of several days or to discover new nearby places that are worth visiting, in Google Play, we can find great tools with which to learn everything you need before embarking on a new adventure, which will help during every one of the phases of the trip, from the planning to the return home.

There are many travel apps on Android. However, only some of them are worth it. In this article, we select the best ones you can use, organized in different categories corresponding to each of the stages of a trip.

Android travel apps: the best you can use…

To find cheap flights.



Planning the flight to and from a vacation is usually not easy. Luckily, applications like Skyscanner make our work much easier by having a built-in search engine that automatically compares and filters the best available flight deals to offer us only the best prices.

Although the app offers other functions beyond the search for flights, without a doubt, this is its most prominent feature and for which the application has become successful.


An excellent alternative to Skyscanner when it comes to finding cheap flights is JetCost. Like the previous tool, this app is responsible for automatically comparing the prices of the leading airlines in search of the lowest prices. Various filter options are also included to find the perfect flight according to the trip to be made.

Google Flights

At the time, we dedicated a complete guide to finding flights at the best price because Google Flights is undoubtedly one of the best tools that exist to discover the best deals on airline tickets. Google’s tool is one of the most complete, and among other things, it allows you to create alerts to keep us abreast of price changes.

To plan your trip


Suppose you are one of those who plan every detail of the trip to the millimeter. In that case, you may be interested in using a tool with which you can purchase the flight and the hotel simultaneously, without having to search separately. In that case, one of the best apps on Google Play is Momondo.

Its search engine allows finding, compare and booking hotel rooms and plane tickets without having to leave the application, whatever the origin and destination of the trip. It is an entirely free app, and it is worth mentioning that it was chosen as one of the applications with the best design in all of Google Play in its day.



As famous as Momondo itself is Booking, another travel planning platform that has its application for Android and allows you to find flight plus hotel packages at the best price. The Booking database houses more than 1.5 million accommodations. It includes the possibility of comparing the costs of the leading airlines, both conventional and low-cost, to find the best bargains on flights.


In any selection of essential applications for travel, Expedia cannot be missing, one of the most famous and used platforms within its category. In addition to allowing you to find flights, hotels, and rental cars, Expedia offers exclusive offers for those who use the platform through mobile. In addition, it will be possible to receive important alerts with possible price changes, availability changes, and more.

Google Trips

Google also has its application to organize trips, and it is much better than you could imagine. Google Trips for Android, unlike other apps, can automatically organize our trips thanks to the fact that it integrates with services such as Google Calendar or Gmail. It automatically imports flight and hotel reservations and generates travel plans from that information.

Within each “trip” planned with Trips, we can find our reservations, things to do, saved places, day itineraries, places to stay and eat, and even discounts, all in one place.

To find hotels and restaurants



Another app that cannot be missing from any traveler’s mobile is TripAdvisor. Although you probably already know it, it is one of the most famous platforms that exist to find opinions and information about hotels, restaurants, or any place you might want to visit during a trip. In addition, it has a large community of users who post reviews on different sites so that you can get first-hand information.

The Fork

In addition to the hotel where you will stay, it is worth organizing the places you will eat during your trip. And for this, there are few better apps than TheFork.

It not only allows you to discover bars and restaurants from anywhere in the world. ElTenedor also enables you to see your menus, reserve a table taking advantage of discounts, or leave opinions and read those of other people.


Trivago is one of the most famous hotel search and reservation applications that exist, and of course, it could not be left out of a selection like this. The app collects the best places to stay during a trip and offers the best possible prices and offers, offers, and discounts if they are available.

to rent cars


After choosing the flight, the hotel, and the places where you will enjoy the gastronomy of the selected destination, it is time to see how you will move around the site in question. If you bet on renting a car, Rentalcars is one of the best apps you can use on your mobile.

The application compares the prices of various car rental companies to show the best deals and rentals with the best conditions. Of course, it will be possible to carry out advanced searches depending on the needs and characteristics of the car to be rented.


Car rental between individuals is fashionable, and Drivy is one of the most popular platforms that exist for it. The service works like any other vehicle rental platform, with the difference that the car belongs to an individual and not to a company. This translates into generally lower rental prices.

to find things to do

Trips by Lonely Planet

Trips by Lonely Planet

Your mobile is also a great ally to find exciting places to visit during a trip. Trips by Lonely Planet is a platform where people from anywhere tell their stories and experiences traveling to locations worldwide, with tips, tricks, and all the information needed to discover even the most secret corners.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps has long ceased to be just a navigation and maps application. Today, it is one of the most complete and valuable platforms to find places to visit or things to do during our trips, thanks to the opinions of the rest of the people who use the application, and to the “Explore” tab, where automatically the most interesting places near our location are shown.