2 Reasons to leave Netflix and switch to Amazon Prime Video

As you had probably noticed a couple of years ago, we are invaded by subscription services. From Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox … in the end, the money that one spends at the end of the month is not little. Hence the importance of knowing what to pay – what we are going to use – and not subscribing to all that new service that comes out.

2 reasons to leave Netflix and switch to Amazon Prime Video 1
In streaming series and movies, we have several options, Netflix being the most popular. However, it is not the only one, and there are also other platforms that, despite not being so well known or popular, offer us a really amazing catalog. This is the case with Amazon Prime Video, which in our opinion, is quite undervalued. Not only is it cheaper than the competition, but it also offers series and movies of unquestionable quality.

A truly amazing catalog

A truly amazing catalog

We cannot deny that Netflix has a much broader catalog than Amazon Prime Video, but that in the former, there are plenty of productions of questionable quality and a lot of filling is well known by all, to the point that many times we stick for a long time diving among its lists and recommendations without finding anything really interesting.

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is much smaller, but in proportion, we believe that it has an indisputable quality. From series like The Man in the High Castle, the hilarious The Office or The Grand Tour, and many other movies of all genres and for all tastes.

One price for all budgets

Netflix is ​​not expensive for what it offers, especially if we share it with other family members. However, for a single person, it can be uphill. Specifically, the basic plan is 7.99 euros per month, while if we want content in HD or higher, we have to opt for the standard or premium plan for 11.99 and 15.99 euros, respectively.

Not only is Amazon Prime Video much cheaper, but it doesn’t come alone. Paying 36 euros per year, that is, 3 euros per month, we will have access to the entire catalog of series and films of the company of the richest man in the world. But that’s not all, since we will also have access to Amazon Prime with all the advantages that entail (free and instant shipping) and other services such as Prime Music, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime, and much more.

In other words, by paying this fee, we will be able to access many other services than just series and movies, which weighs heavily on the scale.

So… is Netflix or Amazon Prime Video better?

So is Netflix or Amazon Prime Video better

It depends. Although Amazon offers much more for 36 euros a year than Netflix, we cannot deny that the latter is still the queen platform for streaming multimedia content. In our opinion, both services are compatible with each other since, luckily, paying for Amazon Prime offers many advantages, especially if we buy a lot online.

Of course, we recommend that if you are a fan of series and movies, you pay for both services. Netflix has a lot of original content that cannot be seen on other platforms, and Amazon Prime Video has quite a bit of gem in its catalog. Furthermore, when paying the Amazon fee, we also have many other advantages that, honestly, are quite difficult to resist. Unfortunately … we have hours to see so many series and films!