The 7 Best Apps to Read Manga on Mobile

  • Apps to read manga: these are the best applications that you can download on your Android mobile.
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If you have ever proposed to use your Android mobile or tablet as a device to read manga, you have likely come across an immense variety of utilities and applications.

And while in some cases they can be fantastic options when it comes to consuming this type of content, in others, we find lacks in terms of functions that the geekiest in the manga world may miss.

And it is that not all applications to read manga on mobile are the same. Therefore, today we wanted to select the seven best Android apps to consume this type of content.

The 7 best apps to read manga on mobile

Apps to read manga: the best you can download

  • Manga Plus
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Manga amino
  • Comic Trim
  • Manga Geek
  • Crunchyroll Manga
  • Tachiyomi

Depending on what you are looking for, in this list, you will find the best app to read manga on your mobile or tablet according to your needs. Next, we review the most interesting functions and features of each of them.


At the time, we already thoroughly analyzed MANGA Plus, and it made it very clear to us why it has become the most famous and used the app to read manga. Many consider it the “Netflix of manga,” It is not for less because it has a large catalog of publications from some of the most famous authors in this field. Among the available content, we can find titles of the level of One Piece, Dragon Ball, or HELL’S PARADISE.

Its main advantage over other applications to read manga is publishing content simultaneously concerning Japan so that followers of some of the most famous manga will not have to wait to enjoy the latest published volumes.


Furthermore, the app can be downloaded for free and does not include payments or in-app purchases. Its financing model is based on advertising, and according to the publisher behind the development of the app, the income obtained through this online manga reader goes directly to the authors.

Amazon Kindle

Although its popularity comes mainly from books, the Amazon Kindle mobile app can also read manga on mobile.

It has a simple, clean, and very easy-to-use interface, and thanks to access to the Amazon book catalog, it will be possible to purchase or download a large number of original manga of all kinds for free.

Manga amino

More than a reading app, Amino Manga defines itself as the largest social network for anime and manga lovers.

In it, it is possible to meet and share opinions with other people from all over the world, discover new manga that could be of interest, and even participate in “quizzes” that will test our knowledge about anime and manga.

It has a large community of Spanish-speaking users, so it can be a perfect option if what you are looking for is an app to read manga in Spanish.

But it is also useful for reading: one of its peculiarities is the possibility of publishing our original works, in addition to reading those of the rest of the members of the community without having to leave the app.

Comic Trim

Comic Trim is an application for reading manga that facilitates reading manga and other types of comics from your mobile.

It is a tool that automatically analyzes the pages of the comic and adapts the format to display them on full screen, thus optimizing their reading.

The application is compatible with files of the type CBZ, CBR, ZIP, RAR, and images and PDF files. You just need to add files and start enjoying your favorite manga.

Manga Geek

Thanks to its database of more than 40,000 free comics and manga, Manga Geek is a great option for those who want to get into reading manga from their mobile.

The app has various sources to download manga of all kinds and in various languages, including English and Spanish.

Its integrated manga reader is easy to use, and it has a fairly intuitive interface, two features that make Manga Geek one of the best apps of this style available on Android.

In addition, it is possible to download the content to watch manga offline, and it has a function that allows the cartoons to be loaded at their highest quality or a somewhat lower quality when we are connected to a low-speed network.

Crunchyroll Manga

If there is an application capable of standing up to MANGA Plus in terms of popularity and variety of content, that is without a doubt Crunchyroll. At the time, we already analyzed the version of this app intended to consume anime, and shortly after, its creators decided to launch Crunchyroll Manga.

This application offers unlimited access to some of the most popular manga from Japan from the moment they land in the bookstores of the Japanese country.

Unlike MANGA Plus, yes, the app has a payment method that offers exclusive access to some premium functions.


You will not find it on Google Play, but Tachiyomi is one of the best apps to read manga from your mobile, without more. Behind this open source project is a huge community of readers from all over the world who bet on this tool created by the Spanish Javier Tomás.

Among its features, Tachiyomi includes accessing online content hosted in sources such as KissManga or MangaDex, or the ability to download it to read it later offline.

Its manga reader is fully configurable to adapt it to our needs. Among other things, it includes a dark theme, automatic updating of our library, or the creation of backup copies in the cloud.

The application can be downloaded for free from the project website. In addition, some developers have taken advantage of the source code of the original project to create their own alternative versions of Tachiyomi, available to download for free as well.

Therefore, to use this app, you only need to manually download and install the APK of Tachiyomi ** and start enjoying your favorite manga from your Android mobile or tablet.