4 Apps to easily identify insects with the Mobile Camera


Uniting technology and nature is possible thanks to the applications that exist to recognize the environment that surrounds you. This is how we saw it with the apps to identify plants and flowers, and so we are going to confirm it again with the best apps to identify insects with the camera of your mobile.

If you are a lover of entomology, that is, of the science responsible for studying insects, these applications cannot be missing on your mobile. You have to take a photo with your mobile of the insect, and they will tell you what species it is. Although it may seem incredible, the identification of insects by photo works well, and these applications are proof of it.

4 apps to easily identify insects with the mobile camera

These are the best apps to identify insects with your mobile.

The best apps to identify insects with your mobile

  • Picture Insect
  • Insect Identifier App
  • Seek by iNaturalist
  • Insect Identifier

Picture Insect

Picture Insect

With Picture Insect, you can identify the insects around you.

The most prominent app to identify insects with the mobile camera is Picture Insect, capable of immediately recognizing more than 1,000 species with an identification precision of 95.28%.

You just have to open the app, take a picture of the insect you want to recognize, and wait for the app to tell you the information after searching its database. Without a doubt, an essential app if you like insects.

Insect Identifier App

If you need help when it comes to recognizing the species of an insect that you have nearby, download Insect Identifier -it’s free- and let the application do the more complicated work.

Thanks to a database created by scientists and collaborators from all over the world, this application can recognize the insect you have photographed in seconds. In addition, later, you can see the model of the insect in 3D and discover the full Insect Identifier photo gallery.

Seek by iNaturalist

Developed by iNaturalist, one of the most popular nature apps, Seek uses image recognition technology to identify insects among thousands of existing species.

Go outside, open the application and use your mobile camera to recognize the insects that live in your area. The more species you recognize, the more badges you will earn in the app.

Insect Identifier

Insect Identifieru

The last app that we recommend if you want to identify insects is Insect Identifier, whose download costs 5.49 euros in the Google Play Store.

It is a professional application for insect lovers that only has data from professionals to train its algorithm. In just seconds, it can identify the exact insect species to show you the information you are looking for. Little by little, you will be able to complete your book of captured insects.