Best Evaporative Coolers: What Are Air Coolers, How They Work, Which One To Buy And Six Recommended Models

Best Evaporative Coolers: What Are Air Coolers, How They Work, Which One To Buy And Six Recommended Models

Suppose you cannot or do not want to invest in buying a regular air conditioner. In that case, there are alternatives to avoid getting hot this summer: you can buy a portable air conditioner for a minimal installation that you can do yourself or directly bet on buying an evaporative air conditioner that does not require installation. If you are unclear about what it is, keep reading because in this evaporative cooler buying guide, we will tell you how they work, and how to make the right choice, and we also propose a series of interesting models.

How does an evaporative cooler work?

An evaporative or evaporative cooler lowers (and humidifies, by the way) the air temperature of the room in which it is located. As it does? Taking the air around it and using a cooling fluid for heat exchange: cold water or ice.

Thus, the exhaust air is cooler and more humid, which is especially interesting for dry environments. If you live in a humid area, its effectiveness is less.

This diagram of the De’longhi EV250 evaporative cooler (which we will see below in our featured models) summarizes it well:

How does an evaporative cooler work?

An important difference between evaporative and portable air conditioners is that the latter do not have air outlet connections outside. Everything is inside the device, which is very useful if you do not want to complicate yourself with installations, for example, renting or living in a shared apartment.

Consequently, with an evaporative air conditioner, indoor-outdoor air is not renewed, so the room should be properly ventilated to favor air entry.

This way of air conditioning a room is simple, effective, and ecological through the evaporation of water, a way in which refrigerants are not used (which contributes to the greenhouse effect). Also, its energy consumption is relatively low.

Its maintenance is also low, essentially reduced to maintaining the tank with water and cleaning/replacing the filters when the manufacturer recommends it.

How to choose an evaporative cooler

  • Size and duration of the deposit. Therefore, they need water, which you will have to place in a tank for cooling. Manufacturers offer the volume in liters. A priori, the bigger, the better. But more than this data, its application is interesting: how long will it operate for?
  • Airflow/area. Another piece of information that we are interested in knowing (and that does not always appear in the specifications) is the volume of air that they move per hour. As in the previous case, the more, the better. However, it is easier to know its practical application, or what is the same, for which areas it is recommended.
  • Modes. Apart from the different speeds, it may be interesting to bet on models with breeze, night, or eco functions. While the former emulates the sensation of airflow, the latter minimizes noise, and the echo is designed to expend less energy.
  • In general, these are simple solutions transferred to the handling: the usual thing is that they have a panel to regulate the modes, but having a remote control is comfortable and practical.
  • Extras: in general, these devices can also function as a fan (forgetting about water) and as a humidifier, but some also purify the air with filters and/or ionizers.
  • Design – If they house a large tank and are powerful, chances are they are also bulky, which is not always interesting. In any case, there are some with a handle and wheels so that you can move them and with some resistance to water so that you can also place them outdoors, such as on the terrace or porch.

Featured models

Featured models

If you don’t like a fan and want something that cools the air but your budget is very tight, you might be interested in the Aigostar Olaf ( 75 euros with a coupon). With wheels and a very simple remote control.

This model can also be useful for small spaces since it is relatively contained (side B is that its tank is 3.5 liters).

Be careful because, despite its price, it is a 3 in 1 with an air conditioner, fan, and humidifier. Focusing on the evaporator part, it has three-speed modes, highlighting the breeze mode and the night mode, which is quieter.

Featured models_1

Powerful and versatile is the Aigostar Elsa ( 97 euros with coupon), a 75W model suitable for rooms of up to 35 square meters that offers up to 4 functions: air conditioning, fan, humidifier, and purifier, the latter thanks to an integrated ionizer.

It has a 7-liter tank for up to 7 hours of operation, it has 3 modes, highlighting the natural one to emulate the sensation of having current.

Its remote control is very simple and be careful, even though it looks somewhat rough visually, it has wheels and a practical handle to move it .

Featured models_2

The Orbegozo Air 46 ( 107 euros ) is a relatively bulky evaporative cooler, but no less manageable, thanks to its wheels.

It has a 6-liter capacity tank, a powerful 55W motor with directional fins to promote air movement, and offers three functions in one: fan, humidifier, and evaporative air conditioner. It is operated by remote control and has a timer function.

Featured models_3

This elegant and sober tower by Cecotec is a design option to avoid getting hot this summer. With 60W of power, it is capable of moving 800 m3/h. In debit, your deposit is rather small (2 liters).

Easy to use through an LED screen and a remote control from which to change the modes, the EnergySilence 2000 Cool Tower Smart ( 117 euros ) has an A+ energy efficiency label and an Eco mode. reduce the consumption.

Featured models_4

If you are looking for a stylish model, take a look at this Comfee cooler ( 129 euros ). Like the previous one, it is also three in one, acting by cooling, removing, and humidifying the air.

It has 4-speed levels and 65W of power, an intuitive LED display and practical remote control, and its surprisingly large 7-liter tank. With a cleaning function to keep it in optimal condition.

Featured models_5

If you are looking for a premium model, take a look at the De Longhi Ev250 ( 169 euros ), an evaporative air conditioner with an ionizer and dust filter to clean the air as well as refresh it.

This model has wheels so you can move it from one place to another both inside the house and outside for outdoor use since it also has IPX4 water resistance. With a 4.5L tank, it is managed using an LED screen and remote control.

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