Calibrate your Samsung battery to fix problems with it

  • To calibrate the battery of a Samsung, it is necessary to follow a series of exact steps for the process to be effective.

Although there are opinions of all kinds about it, various studies conclude that smartphone batteries, no matter how modern, need to be calibrated from time to time. We have already explained in more detail why this is a necessary process, and it is that, in summary, it is a way of getting the operating system to be able to accurately read the real battery level, thus avoiding spontaneous shutdowns when, supposedly, there is still a 5, 10 or 15% battery.

But if you have a Samsung phone, you have probably realized that there is not much information on how to perform this process on Galaxy smartphones. Therefore, a Reddit user, a former Samsung employee, has decided to shed some light on the matter and explain what the steps to calibrate the battery of a Samsung device easily are.

How to calibrate the battery of your Samsung smartphone or tablet

How to calibrate the battery of your Samsung smartphone or tablet

The problem we mentioned before is one of the most repeated devices, especially those that have already been behind them for several years. It is common to see how a terminal turns off without warning when it seems that there is still a “normal” battery level, around 10 or 15%.

This is precisely one of the problems that a correct battery calibration can solve. Next, we leave you the steps to follow to complete this process correctly on a Samsung terminal.

  • Charge the device up to 100%
  • Once charged, unplug it.
  • Enter the following code as appropriate to access the diagnostic menu:
    • Tablet: in the calculator app: (+30012012732+
    • Smartphone: in the phone app: * # 0228 * #
  • Click on the lower button, “Quick Start.”
  • Wait for the screen to come back on
  • The battery level should have dropped to 100%. Plug the terminal back into the charger and repeat the above steps until the level barely changes when the display turns on.

It should be noted that, although this is a process, in principle, innocuous for the terminal, it is not advisable to do it frequently; once a year is enough, and thus we will avoid possible problems. In addition, it is only necessary to do so if the battery level drops suddenly – for example, it goes from 100% to 90% in a matter of minutes – or if the device turns off before reaching 0%. Also, it is possible that even following these steps; problems continue to appear. In that case, the only solution is probably to replace the battery.