The 37 best games without Internet or Wi-Fi for Android


We all like to enjoy a good game on our mobile during the free time of our day to day. 2020 was one of the best years for the gaming segment on Android devices, with launches that have raised the level of the most used mobile platform in the world, and everything indicates that this 2021 will go the same way. The problem? That the vast majority of these games do not work without WiFi or without a permanent Internet connection.

Luckily, developers are still betting on games without Internet , which can be enjoyed in any situation and without worrying about the data of the rate. In this article, one more year, we are going to select the best Android games without WiFi that can be downloaded from Google Play in 2021.

The 37 best games without Internet or Wi Fi for Android 2021

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Android games without internet connection: the best you can download

In this selection of games without WiFi or Internet you will find titles of all kinds . Action, adventure, sports, casual… Also, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough free time: many of the games will allow you to play quick games anytime, anywhere.


Looking for an easy to learn, user-friendly game? Look no further than, where you can enjoy the classic card game Spades without needing an internet connection. With its seamless gameplay and offline capabilities, lets you dive into strategic battles anytime, anywhere, making it a must-have for your offline gaming collection.

Spades.Co (Mobile-friendly)

Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest

New to Google Play is Pokémon Quest , the latest pocket monster title released on Android, which, like many other games on the store, does not need an Internet connection. In Pokémon Quest, all the Pokémon have been turned into cubes, and our objective will be to go out in search of hidden treasures on Rodacubo Island . Along the way, we will be able to form a team of Pokémon, fight with other monsters and create the best camp on the island.

It may not be the best Pokémon game available on Android – perhaps that merit is from Pokémon GO – but it is one of the best games without Internet to download if you are a fan of the saga.


From the hand of the independent developer Alva Majo, at the beginning of 2021 came Pureya , one of the best games without Internet that we have been able to test in recent months.

It is a title that brings together a large collection of arcade minigames , which change every 10 seconds. The objective of each minigame will be the same: avoid obstacles and collect as many marbles as possible. Later, they can be used in the pachinko machine to unlock new minigames, music and “skins”.


It was chosen as the best casual game for Android just a few years ago, and today it is still a fantastic title to dedicate a few minutes of our day.

It is a game where we must dodge obstacles by making movements on the screen, coordinating the touches to reach the goal and overcome each of the levels.

Penguin island

In this simulation game with fantastic graphics set in the Arctic, you must take care of the penguins on your island, creating the most suitable habitat for the animals to live in harmony with other species.


You do not need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy ARCHERO , a game in which you will have to kill waves of enemies using only your bow and the skills that you have accumulated along the way. Thus, you will be able to advance through the different dungeons of the game , designed with care and full of enemies of all kinds .

Hungry shark world

The official game of the movie Megalodon is, in turn, one of the best offline titles for Android that exist in 2021 . In Hungry Shark World we will handle a huge shark, whose only goal is to devour every living being that gets in its way.

Monument valley 2

I think there is not much to tell at this point about the second installment of the famous Monument Valley. Once again, the game delights us with dozens of exquisite perspective-based puzzles designed to perfection. A must have that can not be missing from any mobile, especially considering that it can be played offline.

Alto’s Oddysey

Another classic saga that has been renewed this year is Alto’s adventure. After a successful first installment, Alto’s Oddysey now arrives , to allow us to accompany Alto throughout his journey through the immense desert, only equipped with his skis. Without a doubt, one of the best free Android games and without having to be connected to the Internet to play.


It may not be one of the last to have reached Google Play, but Minecraft is as fashionable as it was when it was launched on Android several years ago . Many do not know it, but the game of construction and exploration par excellence does not need connection to play, which makes it an ideal candidate for those moments when there is nothing else to do, and there is no connection to Internet of high speed.

Hitman sniper

Hitman sniperSimilar to the case of Minecraft is that of Hitman Sniper. This game, despite having several years behind it, is still one of the best that can be found in Google Play within its category, and you do not even need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy the hundreds of different levels, each one of them with the mission of shooting down one or more targets thanks to our sniper rifle and great precision.


Selected as one of the best games of the year, BADLAND is another great candidate for situations where the Internet connection is conspicuous by its absence. This adventure title with very careful graphics , takes us to a great forest full of mysteries, which we must cross avoiding obstacles and jumping from platform to platform.

Freeze! – The escape

With some graphical and auditory sections that manage to catch you, Freeze! is, probably, the most curious game in this compilation. It is a puzzle title, to be solved by turning different moving parts, while freezing time with the “Freeze” button.

NOVA Legacy

The action games with good graphics do not necessarily need Internet connection , and NOVA Legacy is a good example. In this first-person shooter, we handle Kal Wardin, who will enter a futuristic combat whose mechanics are reminiscent of those of the Modern Combat saga. Logically, the multiplayer mode of the game does require an Internet connection, but it is not necessary to be connected to play the campaign mode.

Shadow fight 3

Shadow Fight 3, one of the best fighting games for Android, is also one of the best titles that can be played without having the mobile connected to the Internet . In this RPG fighting game we will assume the role of a hero or heroine choosing between three different fighting styles. As battles are won, it will be possible to learn new movements and unlock new equipment that will help us reach the top.

Tower Boxing

Arcade games also take place in this compilation, and Tower Boxing is undoubtedly one of the most addictive and fun that we have been able to find in the offline games section of Google Play. Its own creators use this phrase to define it: “10 guys with brutally hard fists have decided to bring down a skyscraper.” Our goal, of course, will be to help them bring down each of the towers as quickly as possible.

Reigns: Her Majesty

The creators of the popular and successful Reigns saga, returned this year with a new game that puts us once again in the shoes of a governor – this time, a governor – who must face the difficult task of maintaining power at the same time as he keeps his people happy. A great card game that does not need a connection , and that is undoubtedly worth the 3.09 euros that they ask us for it.


Another newcomer to Google Play is Evoland , one of the most famous role-playing games, not only for its history, but for its originality: it is a game in which the graphics will improve and evolve as the levels progress. . All while living an adventure full of humor, and that does not need an Internet connection.

Fallout shelter

Selected several times as the best mobile game of the year, Fallout Shelter continues to be a benchmark in the Google Play category of simulation games . Those who do not know it yet, should know that it is a fantastic game, in which you will have to create and maintain a bunker to keep as many people as possible safe from the apocalypse.

The Room Three

The saga of games The Room is still one of the best that exists on Google Play. The third installment of this puzzle game once again allows us to play without an Internet connection while unraveling the great mysteries hidden in each of the rooms . All this, accompanied by a fantastic graphic and sound section, and the most intuitive controls.

Kingdom rush frontiers

Continuing this compilation of the best offline games , we find Kingdom Rush Frontiers, one of the most entertaining strategy titles, in which our objective will be to direct the troops towards rival areas, while we defend our areas from dragons, monstrous plants and other beings that flood this strange fantastic world.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

After a successful first edition, the game set in the series “Dumb Ways to Die” landed on Android in a second installment in the form of a game without the need for an Internet connection, in which, as its name suggests, our only objective is to beat each of the levels while simulating some of the stupidest ways to die.

Temple run 2

Another classic that can not be missing in any compilation of mobile games is Temple Run 2 , and even more so in this one of games that do not require a network connection. As everyone already knows, this endless runner puts us in the shoes of an explorer whose only objective is to escape from some ruins after having obtained the cursed idol. A perfect game for any situation.


Its own creators define Implosion as a AAA console experience brought to mobile . But best of all, this action game with 3D graphics does not need an Internet connection. The first 6 levels can be enjoyed totally free, and through a single payment it will be possible to unlock both the other phases of the game, as well as new characters to control.

CSR Racing 2

When it comes to racing games, there is also life outside of Asphalt. CSR Racing 2 combines the simplicity of drag racing games with stunning hyper-realistic 3D graphics . Everything, completely free of charge and with a wide variety of vehicles and tracks.


If you are willing to pay the almost 23 euros it costs, FINAL FANTASY IX is one of the best adventure games that exist on Google Play . There is not much left to tell about this famous Square Enix video game saga, although it must be taken into account that, in order to install the game completely, a minimum of 4 GB free is required in the internal storage of the phone.


Crashland s is another one that cannot be absent from this selection. It is an adventure title in which Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose last shipment was derailed by an alien threat called Hewgodooko, will have to recover all the lost packages on a mysterious and distant planet.

Baldur’s Gate II

Few will know that Baldur’s Gate II, one of the most famous RPGs out there for Android , doesn’t need an internet connection to work. By purchasing the game, it will be possible to enjoy the included campaign mode, and some of the included expansions. However, some of the new updates will require a new checkout.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Do you really need an explanation? The successful and world-famous Candy Crush Saga , with more than 500,000,000 installations on Google Play, does not need an Internet connection to work.

Math | Riddles and puzzles

For those looking for a mathematical challenge that tests their skills, Math Riddles and Puzzles is a fantastic option full of riddles and mathematical puzzles of different levels of difficulty, which even includes the possibility of measuring our IQ through challenges.

Dungeon Cards

The perfect mix between puzzle, card-based strategy game and dungeon exploration is a reality with Dungeon Cards. In this offline game we will have to measure each movement of our cards to perfection to complete the different puzzles that each level of the game proposes.

Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG

Fun, offline, and easy to play. Nonstop Knight is a strategy game that, unlike others, can be played with just one hand . In it, we will have to fight against enemies, explore dungeons and improve our hero with the different skills that we will learn as we progress in level. All this, with careful 3D graphics and an exquisite sound section.

Grand Mountain Adventure

One of our favorite games of last year is, in turn, one of the best titles without an Internet connection that can be downloaded on Google Play in the middle of 2021. Grand Mountain Adventure is the first open world ski game for mobile , with fantastic 3D graphics that invite us to explore every corner of the huge mountains in each world .

Tomb of the mask

In this arcade game in the form of an infinite vertical maze, the objective will be to explore the tomb in which a mysterious mask was found , capable of granting our character the ability to quickly climb the walls.


TIME LOCKER is a shooter game like no other . As its name suggests, we will be able to stop time in order to shoot down as many enemies as possible with our weapon. All of this with colorful graphics and simple controls.

Asphalt: Airborne

Although, of course, online races will not be available if you play without a WiFi or mobile data connection, Asphalt 8: Airborne allows you to play completely offline and enjoy its fantastic graphics, circuits and cars.


This cool action-adventure sandbox with 2D graphics – and some resemblance to MInecraft – can also be played offline. In Terraria we must explore dungeons in search of enemies, and manage to create our own city thanks to the construction functions that the game includes.

Dream league soccer

There are also great soccer games for Android that can be played anytime, and Dream League Soccer is one of the best. It has FIFPro licenses, so teams, leagues and players are true to life. In addition, it includes improved gameplay and a good number of game modes to choose from.

This is where our list of games without WiFi or Internet connection ends . Games that you can enjoy anywhere, wherever you are.

Why are there Android games that require an Internet connection and others don’t?

Although there are not a few games that can be played without being connected , the truth is that the trend is increasingly towards permanent connection. There are games, like (obviously) online multiplayer, which inevitably can only be played with the Internet, but why are there single-player games that also require it?

The main reason is to verify the purchase license . This occurs in paid games, and is implemented to prevent hacking, or at least that is how they sell it to us. When the player starts the game and logs in, thanks to that Internet connection, the license is validated, which confirms that the game has indeed been purchased by that user.

There are other games that also connect to make backup copies on servers, store save game files, download necessary files , or upload game scores to rank other players’ scores, despite the fact that, at the time of play, they are not multiplayer.

As is normal, there are many users who complain about this, and it is that it is not a dish of good taste to go on the bus or the subway, and not be able to play because of not having coverage, or simply, because of not spending data on the fee .

Be that as it may, as you have seen, there are many high-quality games that can be played completely offline without any problem.