Solution to the error “Cannot establish a reliable data connection with the server”

Provides in our terminal. Sometimes, on occasion, there is an error in the terminals that prevents us from establishing a connection with Google’s servers for hours, days, and even weeks, which, among other things, implies that we cannot use the services that Google provides. If you are one of those affected by this problem, we will explain how to solve this problem step by step. You do not have to be a root user, as in other methods, since you do not have to touch anything on the system.

Solution to the error Cannot establish a reliable data connection with the serverThe steps must be followed to the letter and be careful with the numbers since it is possible that we make a mistake in one and the whole process collapses. You will need to have access to a Wi-Fi network and a little patience. If you meet all three requirements, we can start with the steps, which are as follows:

  1. We select the Wi-Fi network to which we want to connect and check the “Show advanced options” box.
  2. In IP Settings, we put “Static.”
  3. For an IP Address, we write, and in Gateway, we put the same.
  4. In-Network prefix length, we put 24; in DNS 1, we write, and in DNS 2, we must put

Once we have done all this process, click on “Connect,” If we have entered all the numbers correctly, we will be connected, and you will be able to access the server. If everything has gone well, we can enter Google Play and download the applications, as well as access the rest of the applications that need access to Google’s servers. As you can see, the procedure is straightforward and is done in seconds, but you have to be careful and mark all the numbers correctly.

What do you think of this method? Has it served you?