How to try HBO GO for Free

Enjoying the best series and movies today is really easy, thanks to the number of streaming platforms at our fingertips.

Although Netflix is ​​the best known and most popular, we cannot forget about great alternatives such as Disney + or HBO. And we want to talk about the latter.

Why did you know that you can try HBO GO completely for free? Hundreds of high-quality movies and series on your smartphone or tablet without having to pay anything. We explain it to you.

How to activate the HBO GO free trial period

How to activate the HBO GO free trial periodHBO GO is an application that gives us immediate and unlimited access (whenever and wherever we want) to our favorite HBO series, as well as movies, documentaries, and other content.

Although to enjoy all the content on HBO GO, we must have an active subscription to HBO; it has a free trial period if we are new subscribers, a period that will serve us not only to test the platform but also to see all the content we want or can.

To start the free trial on HBO GO, all you have to do is download the app on your Android device, click on “Start Free Trial,” and follow the steps to create an account.

You have to remember that to use the free trial; we have to enter a valid payment method, although we will not be charged anything unless, once the free trial is over, we want to continue using the HBO service.

The duration of the free trial depends on the country and the provider, although as a general rule, it is usually 14 days or 30 days.

HBO GO is available on computers, iPad, iPhones, Apple TVs, Android devices of any type, and some models of smart TVs such as LG or Samsung.